Other distributors may say their parts are authentic but can you really believe them when
Senators McCain and Levin report that a million fakes slipped past highly trained DOD inspectors? BEFORE you buy electronic parts watch this Video.

Unless your supplier has Counterfeit Part Avoidance Practices integrated into a Quality Management System which is audited by a third party you cannot tell whether they have the tools, experience, and knowledge necessary to detect substandard and suspect counterfeit electronic parts.

The Quality Management System for Independent Distributors

While the benefits of doing business with a company that has a Quality Management System in place are well known, many companies who purchase electronic components do not realize that ISO-9001 does not address the specific needs of the Independent Distribution of Electronic Components Industry.

IDEA-QMS-9090 is a Quality Management System specifically designed to meet the needs of today's market to help ensure that customers have a positive buying experience.

On January 5, 2015 PC Components Company became IDEA-QMS-9090 compliant. The company has maintained a QMS in accordance with the requirements of IDEA-QMS-9090 which is audited by a third party on an annual basis. Our QMS is continually monitored to improve its effectiveness.

Our inspectors have the training, tools, and experience necessary as defined by IDEA-STD-1010. In addition, employees abide by the IDEA Code of Ethics and inspectors are never forced by any means to report differently about inspection findings or their determination of acceptability.

We have policies in place to prevent the procurement, acceptance, and shipment of substandard, suspect, fraudulent, and counterfeit product and a policy that dictates how we handle and dispose of these parts when encountered.

Our quality goals, to maintain zero instances of shipping counterfeit product, 100% order accuracy, and 100% on-time shipping are continually monitored, shared with employees, and used to improve the performance of our organization.

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