Sign up for EasyCash™ and receive the highest return. You can trust that we'll do all the work necessary to sell your parts at market prices and send you checks each month in the mail.

EasyCash™ Program
A Consignment Service to Sell Excess Inventory of Surplus Electronic Components

If you would like to sell your inventory of electronic components and would like the highest return then consider PCC's EasyCash program. The EasyCash program typically returns 50% of market value, but takes a while. Most clients secure a revenue stream that starts at the end of the first month after the process begins which continues without an end in sight for many years.

We call this program EasyCash™ because all you need to do is send us your components and then cash the checks that we send you each month as we sell your inventory. We use all of our tools and experience to sell each part at market price and then split the revenue with you.

Our consignment program only has a month-to-month commitment, no fees of any type, and you remain the owner of the parts at all times. This means if you are unhappy with our services you can request your parts back at any time.

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To learn more about PCC's other options to buy excess inventory of electronic components check out our FairCash™ and Outright Purchase programs.


EasyCash™ is a trademark of PC Components Company