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This section includes information about our company and its employees, which every buyer on the open market wants to know, before they place an order.



General Company Information
A general description of what PC Components does.

Company Overview
A broad description of PCC's business plan, which also includes navigation guidance for new visitors who have come to sell excess, buy components, or use the free tools developed by PCC for the entire industry.

Company History
Learn how a company that started doing business in this industry in 1984 has grown to become one of the world's most trusted and respected Independent Distributors of Electronic Components.

President's Letter
Click to read a letter from PCC's president and CEO, which addresses doing business in today's marketplace.

Executive BIOs
Click to learn about the PCC executive team and to read the biographies of PCC's key employees

Website Overview
A fast and easy way to navigate to important pages in the PCC website