Sign up for FairCash™ and know that you have received a fair price for your inventory. It's a matter of trust and you'll know that you're getting a fair shake when you're working with the team in blue!

FairCash™ Program
Outright Purchase of Excess Inventory of Surplus Electronic Components with Cash Back Rebates

If you would like to sell your inventory of electronic components and would like to be paid more than what you would get from PCC's outright purchase option consider PCC's FairCash Program.

The FairCash program is a blend between outright purchase and consignment, you can think of it as consignment with a guaranteed minimum return. The FairCash program allows you to get immediate cash so that you get your inventory off your books. In addition, if PCC sells your inventory for more than expected you receive a cash back rebate.

There is truly no way that anyone can tell what the open market will bring for your inventory until the inventory is actually advertised and offered for sale. This method provides you with the fairest return. Consult our staff for a detailed description of this program.

Click here to email an inventory list to PCC.

To learn more about PCC's other options to buy excess inventory of electronic components check out our EasyCash™ and Outright Purchase programs.


FairCash™ is a trademark of PC Components Company