AMD-K6-2E+ and AMD-K6-IIIE+ are the fastest Socket 7 and Super7 microprocessors ever made!

AMD K6 Microprocessors

Cases and cases of AMD-K6+ microprocessors in our stock just waiting to ship to you!


AMD K6-III microprocessors

PCC may have the largest supply of brand new factory-sealed AMD-K6-2+ and K6-III+ microprocessor inventory in the world.


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AMD-K6-2+ and AMD-K6-III+ Microprocessors
(AMD-K6-2E+ and AMD-K6-IIIE+)

If you've been looking for a Socket 7 or Super Socket 7 microprocessor to be used in an existing circuit board without redesign then keep reading, as you'll likely find great news on this web page!

PCC has brand new AMD-K6-2+ (AMD-K6-2E+) microprocessors that are still in the original AMD factory sealed packaging. These parts were purchased directly through Authorized Distribution and were shipped from AMD's factory to our facility and we can provide the paper trail and factory C of C's to prove it. These highly sought after parts have been stored in our climate controlled warehouse (see photo at side bar) and are available to ship immediately.

The E in the part number denotes that the part was produced by AMD's Embedded group. Parts without the E were sold by AMD's Desktop PC group. Parts produced by AMD's Embedded group (E in the part number) can always be used to replace similar parts produced by the Desktop PC group, but the opposite is not always true (see the AMD K6-2 FAQ section for more information).

The AMD-K6-2+ (AMD-K6-2E+) and AMD-K6-III+ (AMD-K6-IIIE+) will work with either the Socket 7 or Super Socket 7 platform, however, the Super Socket 7 or other platform that provides a front side bus speed faster than 66MHz must be used to achieve the rated performance.. The Super Socket 7 platform, also referred to as Super7, is an extension of the Socket 7 specification that features a 100MHz front-side bus, support for PC100 SDRAM, and 2X AGP graphics. Learn more from Wikipedia.

The "+" in the part number is used to differentiate parts fabricated using AMD's .18-micron process, from parts built using AMD's .25 micron technology. AMD's .18 micron process allowed production of parts with clock speeds as high as 570MHz as well as the addition of an on-chip L2 cache. These enhancements significantly improved performance over previous generation AMD K6-2 and AMD-K6-2-P processor families.

AMD literature refers to these processors as "Mobile processors" because they were originally manufactured and targeted for use in notebook systems produced by Compaq, Fujitsu, HP, and NEC. They were priced competitively with Intel's Celeron offerings. The Standard version was designed to operate a 2.0 Volts and Low Power versions were designed to operate at even lower voltages. Learn more from the AMD archives.

In addition, AMD PowerNow!™ technology was introduced to enable better system battery-life, and an enhanced version of the 3DNow!™ instruction set to improve performance while running multimedia applications. Learn more from AMD archives.

AMD's pricing at its introduction was developed to compete with Intel Celeron processors, however we are slashing our prices to make room for newer parts. We include the table below for archival reasons only. Learn more from the AMD archives.

AMD'S Introductory Pricing
550MHz AMD-K6-2+ - $99
533MHz AMD-K6-2+ - $85
500MHz AMD-K6-2+ - $75
475MHz AMD-K6-2+ - $70
450MHz AMD-K6-2+ - $70

Although AMD's part numbering system can at times be deceptive, the AMD-K6-2+ and AMD-K6-III+ are actually identical with the exception of the amount of L2 cache. The AMD-K6-2+ has 128KB of on chip cache and the AMD-K6-III+ has 256KB of cache.

Both microprocessors, the AMD-K6-2+ (AMD-K6-2E+) and K6-III+ (AMD-K6-IIIE+) are AuthenticAMD Family 5, Model 13 (also called model D) CPUs which support MMX, Extended 3DNow!, and PowerNow!.

In summary, to use a K6-2+ (K6-2E+) in your existing design with the full benefit of the processors performance and advanced features, you will need the following:

  1. Ability to select 2.0V or 2.1V CPU Core Voltage
  2. 100MHz Front-Side Bus (slower bus speeds will work although performance will be compromised)
  3. K6-2+/III+ BIOS support (click here for BIOS Support help)

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions about K6 microprocessors for more information.

PCC would like to liquidate its + (Plus) series of AMD microprocessors to make room for newer products. Please contact PCC directly to obtain samples or other support. No reasonable offer for production quantities will be refused.

AMD-K6-2+ Microprocessors
Actual Quantities that we can Ship Today
Part ID Order Number Part Marking Actual Quantity in our stock
0074-000005 AMD-K6-2E+/400ACR AMD-K6-2+/400ACR 599
0084-000002 AMD-K6-2E+/400ATZ AMD-K6-2+/400ATZ 0
0074-000011 AMD-K6-2E+/500ACZ AMD-K6-2+/500ACZ 1446
0074-000020 AMD-K6-2E+/500ACZ AMD-K6-2+/500ACZ 0
0074-000012 AMD-K6-2E+/533ACZ AMD-K6-2+/533ACZ 5455
0074-000021 AMD-K6-2E+/533ACZ AMD-K6-2+/533ACZ 0
0074-000013 AMD-K6-2E+/550ACZ AMD-K6-2+/550ACZ 4539
0074-000022 AMD-K6-2E+/550ACZ AMD-K6-2+/550ACZ 0
0074-000023 AMD-K6-2E+/570ACZ AMD-K6-2+/570ACZ 0
0074-000015 AMD-K6-2E+/570ACZ AMD-K6-2+/570ACZ 28228

Click for data sheet. Note that speeds above 500Mhz are undocumented by AMD in the data sheet as these microprocessors were introduced after the AMD data sheet was published.


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