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World-Recognized as an unparalled OEM of upgrades for the IBM PCjr

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World-Recognized as an unparalled OEM of upgrades for the Tandy 1000EX and Tandy 1000HX

World-Recognized as an unparalled OEM of upgrades for the Tandy 1000EX and Tandy 1000HX

Company History

PC Components was founded in Wall Township, New Jersey, in 1984, where it provided kiting and design services as a division of PC Enterprises, the company remembered for its leadership role as a manufacturer of upgrades for IBM PC, PCjr, EduQuest and Tandy computers.

The company founder and president, P. Steven Gregory Calabria, holds a BSEE from the The College of New Jersey (formerly Trenton State College). Calabria’s work experience includes tenures with OCM, OEM, and CM organizations which has given him a first-hand users perspective of the supply channel.  His work experience, coupled with Calabria’s software development skills, have made him uniquely qualified to develop and maintain the proprietary software used by PCC to manage the business.  The company's proprietary software product, named Disti-Master™, not only tracks supply and demand while managing inventory, but also integrates quality control into the work process.  Calabria believes Disti-Master has played a key role in helping PCC to maintain the consistency of quality service throughout the years that have contributed to PCC's excellent reputation in the industry while providing PCC with a substantial competitive advantage.  

In July 2003, the company relocated from Wall Township, to its own 6500 sq foot Corporate Office in Seaside Park, New Jersey.  Relocation allowed the company to design its new facility to accommodate the needs of the Independent Distribution business. Today, the company also operates from facilities located in Toms River, New Jersey.

PC Components is known in the industry as the company that provides written price quotations via email which include all pertinent information about components that the companies sells including website photos, and as the company who ships Tootsie Rolls® with every order.

PCC has the certifications that you would expect of any Independent Distributor in addition to being a member of both the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA) and the Electronics Resellers Association International (ERAI).  It has earned the right to participate in the In-Stock Certification Program™, SDS (Same Day Shipping) Program™, and has Gold Supplier Status™

The company takes pride in its ability to provide exceptional service and communication, along with same day shipping for stock merchandise.

ISCP and In-Stock Certification Program is a Trademark of Mediagrif Interactive Technologies.
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Tootsie Roll is a Registered Trademark of Tootsie Roll Industries.

Note: PCC is not affiliated with Tootsie Roll Industries in any way although you may hear other companies refer to PCC as the company who provides Tootsie Rolls with shipments.