This document not only appears in PCC's Quality Manual but is framed and posted throughout the facility in locations where all employees will notice and read.

Quality Statement

Everyone benefits when working for a successful company.  To many, job security and career advancement are most important, however, successful companies are able to offer additional benefits and perks to employees.  Benefits that PC Components Company offers include paid time off for Vacation and Holidays, a contributory Health Insurance policy, and company paid Disability and Workers Compensation Insurance.  PC Components maintains a pleasant work environment in an attractive and appropriately decorated office, technologically advanced computers systems with flat-screen monitors and a variety of other office and laboratory equipment that you will use while performing your job.  In addition, the company provides complimentary snacks and beverages, commercial-free satellite radio with individual volume controls in most areas, wholesale club memberships, holiday barbeques, and beach badges.  Salary increases, as well as our ability to continue to provide existing and new perks are dependent upon the continued success of the company.

The success of our company is primarily dependent upon our ability to build customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer satisfaction is relatively easy to obtain.  If we treat our customers in a professional manner, and deliver the product that they expect, on time, and at the price that they expect to pay, most customers will be satisfied.

Customer loyalty is much more difficult because its something we must earn. Our customers must like us and they must like doing business with us.  In addition, we must meet or exceed their expectations on a consistent basis.  As with personal relationships in our own lives, trust and respect often takes years to build and years of hard work can be destroyed in a single careless moment. 

It doesn't matter whether PCC is always able to offer the best price, or the newest product, but we must always offer accurate information about our product and its condition.  We can't promise that nothing will ever go wrong, but we must guarantee that when anything does go wrong we will do our best to make it right.  We don't need to solve every problem the way that the customer would like it to be solved, but we must always be friendly, compassionate, and understanding, and solve every problem in the best way that we can. 

Our Quality Manual is designed to insure that the company does the things needed to earn and maintain our customer’s trust and respect and to build customer loyalty.  As an employee you should always do our best to perform your job, follow procedures, and treat customers the way you would like to be treated yourself.  These are simple things and if we do them we will all reap the rewards of working for a successful company.