IDEA Acknowledgement
PC Components is an expert in the field of counterfeit part detection and the company is known for what we know. We are an original member of the IDEA and any acknowledged contributor to IDEA-STD-1010 the industry standard for counterfeit part detection.

Counterfeit Part Mitigation

PC Components Company is a recognized expert in the field of counterfeit part detection.

As a member of the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA), P. Steve Calabria, the founder and president of PC Components is an acknowledged contributor to the original release of IDEA-STD-1010.

Subsequently, Calabria, who was twice elected President of the IDEA by the IDEA Board of Directors, was responsible for a the IDEA Revision B Update Committee, which produced an all-new, completely rewritten version of the standard.

IDEA-STD-1010 Revision B, has received industry and government acceptance as a core component of many counterfeit part mitigation programs. The standard has been endorsed by NASA and NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratories and is and is referenced in numerous government and aerospace standards.

In addition, while serving as President of the IDEA, Calabria recognized a need for an industry inspector certification program. He led the IDEA in its development of the IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector Certification program.

The IDEA currently requires every IDEA member to IDEA-ICE-3000 certify inspectors using the program developed under Calabria's leadership.

Calabria, who holds a B. S. in Electronics Engineering and who has industry experience as an engineer in commercial and military sectors, has worked in OCM, OEMs and CM segments of the industry, also leads PC Components quality efforts.,