Watch the video (below) to learn how you can sell your electronic components for market prices by developing a strategic partnership with PC Components Company.

Why PCC—It's a Matter of Trust

Other companies may offer programs to sell excess inventory that seem similar to those offered by PC Components. Many of these companies even appear to have the same experience and certifications. Don't let this fool you into believing that all companies will provide you with the same return. This couldn't be further from the truth.

If you decide to sell your inventory outright, obviously your main concern will be how much your are paid, but if you're looking for a higher return you will need to consider other programs offered by PCC and its competitors.

Regardless of commission splits or other details of any agreement you negotiate, the reality is that your return will be primarily dependent upon the number of sales that the company you select to sell your inventory is able to close. Competitors who expect to close fewer sales will often offer higher splits, however if unable to close a sale it doesn't matter what split they offer as zero dollars will be returned to you.

Companies who buy on the open market know they need to be very careful. They understand that the open market can be a dangerous place to do business, especially when they the source of supply is unknown. Unethical companies refurbish components that are not only used but abused and try to sell them as new. Criminals remark components with different speed ratings, mask revisions, date codes, and even different part numbers, and then totally disappear as soon as they have the customer's money.

When buyers go to the open market to purchase product they often find many, many companies all selling exactly the same part, with few if any publishing a price. It's no secret who they place orders with. They buy from the same companies that you would buy from. They'll buy from whom they know and trust, as long as the company charges a fair price.

PCC's primary advantage is our reputation. We already have relationships in place with thousands of companies in this industry. Customers purchase from PCC because they know they can trust us to deliver the product that we advertise on time. Our customers buy from PCC because it's a matter of trust. That means we will close more orders than other companies so you'll receive a higher return.

Now, that's not to say that PCC doesn't need to dance in the sand or stand on one leg from time to time, to get an order. Please check the Here's what the Industry is Saying about PCC and you'll understand. These are our competitors but they are also our customers.