Why PCC Closes More Orders than Competitors

No Auto Attendant or Voice Mail
Every time you call PCC a real person answers the phone.  If the person you need to speak with is on another line, or away from their desk, we will ask you if you’d like to hold or to leave a message.  If its something important, we’ll do our best to find the person and let them know that you’re on the phone.

Search Engine Advertising
We advertise your inventory on virtually every major IPSE.  Other companies save money by limiting the number of search engines they use which means you will see few sales closed.

Search Engine Ranking
We know how to do to get our parts listed at the top of the search engine results.  When we advertise your parts, your parts will appear at the top of the list and on the first page of the search engine results, consistently.

PCC is one of the top independent distributors in the world. Customer's know our name and they know we are quality and ethically oriented.

IDEA Membership
Many companies who purchase parts on the open market are required to purchase from a company who has been accepted by the Independent Distributors of Electronics Association (IDEA).  With more than 3000 Independent Distributors worldwide, fewer than 40 are IDEA members.  IDEA is a non-profit organization that restricts membership to ethically oriented quality Independent Distributors.  It requires unanimous approval by a very critical industry pier group.

Approved Vendor Listings (AVLs).  Companies who maintain an AVL usually require buys to purchase from a supplier on the AVL when possible. We are already listed as an approved vendor by more than 1000 companies.

Customers know our prices are fair.  We have advanced tools to determine market value and price parts according.  Many of our customers place orders without even checking competition pricing.

PCC has all the experience and certifications they the customer expects. All product is shipped in accordance with IDEA-STD-1010A (Endorsed by NASA).

SAME DAY Shipping
Customers have confidence that if they place an order it will ship the same day.  We ship all orders received before 5PM eastern time, as long as all the paperwork required is provided.  Our current on-time shipping percentage is greater than 99.9%.

Customers know that if they need to return a part that they purchased from PCC they can do so during the first 14-days for any reason, and without a hassle. They also know that if PCC sells them a part that does not meet manufacturer's specification, they have six months.