Privacy Policy

PCC is GDRP Compliant.


We respect and protect your privacy!

Privacy Policy

PC Components values your privacy and treats your personal data as confidential information. In addition, PCC is compliant with industry General Data Protection Regulations (GDRP).

The way that PCC collect information and what information it stores depends upon whether the customer has contacted our commercial division by calling our corporate office, or our eCommerce division by using our website.

In both cases, information PCC collects is only available to employees at PCC with a reason to know, and is never shared with third parties without your express consent.


Privacy Practices - PCC Website

When a prospective customer visits our website as a guest, PCC has no information to identify the user other than the IP address and the hard drive and browser of the computer. Our goal is always to provide customers with the best user experience possible. To do this PCC track searches performed by each IP and by each client computer.

Maintaining a history of prior searches allows us to focus on relevant information. For example, if the inventory levels or price of a part you search for changes, PCC would like to let you know. Similarly, PCC can provide you with a better user experience if we remind you about parts you have searched for or purchased in the past.

When you access our website as a guest, we use your IP address to link to your searches.

Like most eCommerce website PCC needs a way to allow you to keep track of which parts you have added to your shopping cart. To do this, we use a cookie. A cookies is a tiny string of data that is stored on your hard drive. Cookies are so small that the space the occupy on your hard drive is typically negligible.

Cookies allow you to close your browser or even turn off your computer, without deleting the contents of your shopping cart.

To protect your privacy, PCC does not store any personal information, such as your name or IP address in these cookies. Instead, each cookie is given a unique identification number, which is also stored in your browser. As a result, only the browser you use on your machine is capable of reading cookies left on your computer.

While you always have the option to increase the security level of your browser and prevent it from storing cookies on your hard drive, doing so will disable many features of the PCC website including the ability to save parts in your shopping cart.

Cookies added to your hard drive expire automatically after one year, to prevent your hard drive from becoming cluttered with these tiny files. You may also delete these cookies at any time by following instructions provided after performing an Internet search, "How to Delete Cookies in "my browser".

We do NOT save personal information of any type, including your IP address, in any cookie on elsewhere on your machine or in your browser.

To learn more about "Cookies" we suggest searching Learning about Internet Cookies" on YouTube.

As an alternative to using cookies to store information about your searches while visiting our website, we save information in a secure database on the hosting computer. This database includes the IP address of the machine used and other information that allows us to give you a better user experience. We save the date and time of each search, the type of browser you are using, and the part numbers you search. While employees at PCC with a "need to know" may have access to this information, it is treated as confidential and never shared with anyone outside of PCC.

PCC also monitors the number of searches performed by your computer on our website. This is to insure that our data is being used for its intended purpose, and not by those attempting to mine and harvest data from PCC's database.

PCC does not permit the use of "bots", whether software or hardware, designed to mine data, as these devices impact the overall performance of the PCC website when used by PCC customers to search inventory.

To insure that customers are no inconvenienced by others using "bots" to mine data, PCC monitors a number of various maximum limits. If your IP, or your computer, exceeds any of these limits your IP address and computer will be blocked from performing searches on our website.

Customers never need to worry about exceeding PCC maximum search limits when searches are perform by humans and the website is being used for its intended purpose. In these cases, PCC increases your limits as necessary to prevent interference with your searches.

The billing information you enter on the check out form of, including your credit card information, is never stored on your local machine or in our database. The personal information you enter into the check out form is encrypted using 256K SSL encryption, and then sent through the payment gateway. The payment processing center returns a secure token used to tell us whether your payment has been authorized.

The information you enter in the shipping address section of the checkout form is saved on our servers. This information is used to provide you with tracking or other information about your order, to contact you when packages can not be delivered, to request feedback to help us improve our systems, and to include you in our email marketing campaigns.

Customers who receive marketing emails from PCC need only to select the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all marketing emails to permanently remove themselves from our email list.


Privacy Practices - Commercial Division (Corporate Office)

A few things are different when you conduct business with PCC through our Corporate Office.

When you contact our office, we ask you for your email address, name, and company name, so we use this information to track parts you have interest in instead.

The corporate side of PC Components only sells to businesses who purchase electronic components for resale and to a few other commercial accounts. Customers must set up an account prior to PCC issuing a quotation. Setting up an account with PCC requires that the customer provides Bank, Trade, and Credit references.

This is different one our website, where PCC sells to anyone who has a credit card or pay pal account, provided we can do so in accordance with the US Department of Commerce regulations.

When commercial customers contact PCC through our corporate office, PCC requires the customer to first setup an account prior to PCC issuing a price quotation. Once setup, PCC uses your Account Number to track quotations requested and orders placed. PCC also assigns a customer number to each individual who requests a quotation and calculates individual statistics based upon these quotations.

PCC stores this information in its database and uses this information to maintain statistics about your buying patterns. To maintain transparency we disclose the statistics we maintain in each quotation that we generate. These statistics are used as by our pricing algorithm which allows us to offer volume discounts that reflect purchases made to regular buyers.

PCC's pricing algorithm is based upon supply and demand, which means our prices are always subject to change although we honor quotations generated for 30 days. Our pricing algorithm considers world supply, demand, and competition.. As a result, when different companies contact PCC to request a quotation on the same part, PCC's base price will be different only if market conditions have changed. With this said, PCC also offers pricing discounts when market conditions permit to customers based upon prior purchases. In this case, the amount that PCC discounts its quoted price is based upon the customers prior buying statistics.


Email messages, including marketing emails, send in accordance with this policy are not SPAM. Marking these messages as SPAM may result in your entire company being added to our Do Not Quote list.

If you contact PCC and are told that we are unable to quote you because your company is on our "Do Not Quote" list, it may be because someone from your company marked one of our marketing emails as SPAM. We understand that SPAM is a huge problem and support regulations to restrict it, however, messages sent in accordance with this policy are not SPAM. Marking messages as SPAM can adversely effect a companies ability to market itself and its products. If your company has been added to our "Do Not Quote" list, and you would like your quoting privileges restored, only an executive officer of PCC can restore quoting privileges.