Pricing Tool

Have you been searching for a tool that allows you to find pricing for a specific part number which is fast, reports current as well as historical data, free, and reports in real time?

PCC's Pricing Tools have been developed to give PCC the ability to quickly and reliably determine the value of a component based upon information in our database.

This tool was originally developed specifically for PCC's internal use and is now being shared with the industry on a limited use basis.

The tool allows you to enter a part numbers and reports on the franchise pricing that we have in our database for that specific part. You may select lowest price, most recent price, average price, or review all pricing.

Limitations exist to unregistered guests and guests who are currently not currently participating in one of PCC's Revenue Sharing Services.

Guests who actively participate in one of PCC's Revenue Sharing Services should sign in to gain unlimited access to this tool, in addition to a similar tool that allows entering an entire list of components at one time and provides real-time feedback.