Seaside Park is a fun place to live, work and play. Come visit us and let the family enjoy the fun and sun while you inspect our operation.



















Our Location

Seaside Park is a wonderful beachfront community which offers fun and recreation for the entire family. We encourage you to come visit PCC often and suggest that planning trips in the summer and bringing the entire family who can enjoy themselves on the beach as you check on your inventory.

The Seaside Park Beach and Boardwalk
This two-mile-long beach has a small section of boardwalk to the north devoted to games, food operators and the Funtown Pier Amusements. The boardwalk is perfect for quiet strolls. The planks run the entire length of the borough and have benches. PCC clients should ask PCC to borrow its loaner beach badges when in town.

Island Beach State Park
Island Beach State Park is a preserved barrier island that contains close to ten miles of sandy beach, an extensive shoreline along Barnegat Bay, dense maritime forests, rolling sand dunes, and tidal marshes. Island Beach is also home to foxes, ospreys, other wildlife, and more than 400 species of plants.

The majority of visitors to Island Beach State Park come to swim in the ocean or surf fish from the beach. You can also enjoy other recreational pursuits in the park and see firsthand what the barrier islands of New Jersey looked like many centuries ago.

Fishing and Crabbing Pier
Andrew Calabria
Several piers can be found on the island which are ideal for fishing and crabbing in the area. The closest is literally a five minute walk from our office. Beach Badges are required in season to use the bay beach or to fish or crab, although no badge is required to walk out on the pier and enjoy the scenery. PCC clients should ask PCC to borrow its loaner beach badges when in town.

Ocean Ave Beach
Dunes covered with tall grass line the entire oceanfront with the area due east of PCC's office serving as a perfect place for sunbathers who want a quiet spot on the beach. Just walk east one block and you are at the beach. Beach Badges are required in season to use the ocean beach so PCC clients should be sure to ask PCC to borrow its loaner beach badges when in town.

Bicycle Rental
PCC purchases surplus components
A bicycle rental shop is one block south of PCC where you can rent beach bicycles, bicycles built for two, or even for the whole family! The boardwalk is a great place to ride, just check local regulations and riding is restricted in certain areas and during certain times.

Water Park (Breakwater Beach)
Casino Pier has built a brand new, state-of-the-art water park with the largest interactive play area on the North Atlantic Coast. This is a fun and exciting family attraction and can be found one block from the Fun Town Pier located on the boardwalk (you can't miss it!).

The area is known for extremely great pizza on the boardwalk. Go to the Saw Mill or Three Brothers for the largest slices we've ever seen!