Pay Cash for Excess Inventory

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FastCash™ Outright Purchase

Cash Paid for Surplus Inventory of Electronic Components

PCC will purchase your excess inventory of surplus electronic components.

If you would like to sell electronic components and your desire for cash is immediate, then outright purchase may be your best option. To receive a cash offer simply provide PCC with a list of excess inventory. All we need is the manufacturer's part number and the quantity. We also need to know whether the material is new (never used), pulls, or refurbished. The manufacturer's name and date code is also desired but not necessary. If you don't have a list, we can work from photos or will come to your site to perform an onsite inspection.

Click here to email an inventory list to PCC.

If you want to sell your inventory of electronic components the Outright Purchase option typically offers 2 to 8% of market value, which is the lowest return of PCC's three programs to sell excess inventory.

To learn more about PCC's other options to buy excess inventory of electronic components check out our EasyCash™ and FairCash™ programs.


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