This document not only appears in PCC's Quality Manual but is framed and posted throughout the facility in locations where all employees will notice and read.

IDEA-QMS-9090 and Quality Policies

PC Components deploys the following policies to prevent the procurement, acceptance, and shipment of substandard, suspect, fraudulent, and counterfeit products.

All Purchase Orders state that electronic components received will be inspected per the IDEA-STD-1010B standard and that we reserves the right to reject and return any goods at the vendors expense that exhibit non-conforming discovered during an inspection performed in accordance with IDEA-STD-1010B standard. In addition, our purchase orders state that parts must be guaranteed Genuine, Authentic, New, Unused, and in Original Manufacturer's Packaging, unless otherwise stated and that we do not accept any parts that have been blacktopped, remarked, or resurfaced.

All incoming material will be inspected in accordance with IDEA-STD-1010 by ICE 3000 Certified Inspectors. Material determined to be suspect counterfeit shall be immediately quarantined in accordance with this policy.

Non-Conforming Material
All material, products, services and supplier performance not meeting the required specification are clearly identified as non-conforming and segregated pending a decision regarding their further processing. Material shall be stored in a locked closet labeled "Quarantined Suspect Material".

Any part or product determined by the IDEA Inspector or Referee to be suspect counterfeit or fraudulent will not be shipped to any customer under any circumstance. These parts will be guaranteed a decision as to disposition..

Any part or product determined by the IDEA inspector or Referee to be substandard will require written permission from the customer to ship prior to a shipping label being printed. For example, if an inspector determines that a part has tarnished leads, this information must be added to a written quote provided to the customer.