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Hurricane Sandy Update

Press release - PC Components Experiences Direct Hit from Hurricane Sandy - Update 1 (Day 3)

For immediate release Thursday, November 1, 2012

Seaside Park, NJ – On Monday, October 29th, hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey in what the media is calling one of the most devastating hurricanes of all time. The corporate office of PC Components is located in Seaside Park, on a barrier island which took a direct hit.

Thankfully, our staff had plenty of advance notice and was able to prepare the building and evacuate the island well in advance and everyone is safe.

Most of us have seen images of the devastation to the nearby Funtown and Casino piers, however, these properties are on the north side of the island, which is at a significantly lower elevation than our building.

We are optimistic that our building, a concrete block structure situated on the higher south end of the island, and its contents have survived with little or no damage. It was well prepared for the storm, with all entrances and windows were sealed with four layers of protection including duct tape, plastic, plywood, and sand bags. In addition, the warehouse used for primary storage of PCC inventory is located several miles inland and was not effected by the storm. Only sales, accounting, inspection, and shipping operations, along with limited storage of inventory takes place in the corporate headquarters.

The authorities have turned off the natural gas and electricity to the island as a safety precaution, and the fresh water and sewage systems are not working. In addition, all access roads to the island are still flooded. We are optimistic that we will be able to reopen the office and return to normal operation within two weeks.

PCC is in the process of setting up operation from a mobile office which will allow limited operation. Please use RFQ@pccomponents.com for quotes and stock checks and be patient if you call and the line is busy. Unfortunately, we will not be able to resume same day shipping on product in the seaside park location until authorities deem conditions safe for our staff to return to our shipping department located at our corporate office.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers for their continued support and business. PCC has provided same day shipping on orders received before 5pm for more than ten years, and I give my personal assurance that we will do everything possible to resume same-day-shipping and normal operations as soon as possible.

About PC Components :
PC Components Company, LLC, also known as PCC, is a family owned and operated small business, which is recognized as one of the industry's leading stocking distributors of electronic and electro-mechanical board-level components. With nearly 30 years of industry experience and a billion parts on its shelves, PC Components has shipped 115 million parts to a customer base of 2600+ companies in 65 countries.

PCC specializes in selling factory-new electronic components on a shared revenue basis with its clients who are mostly end users of ICs and other electronic components who have overstock. Buyers purchase from Independent Distributors when traditional sources of supply cannot meet delivery requirements or when cost savings are needed. To learn more about PC Components or to learn about programs that will allow PC Components to sell your excess inventory visit http://www.pccomponents.com/menusellexcess.asp

PC Components clients and customers include Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs), Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Contract Manufacturers (CMs), and EMS Providers (Electronic Manufacturing Service Providers).


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PC Components Company, LLC

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