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Standard Manufacturer Short-Names

All companies engaged in the business of buying or selling board-level electronic components on the open market need a means of communicating the name of a component's manufacturer.

Often the manufacturer's legal name is too long to be used for practical reasons, and today search engine field-length limitations provide additional restrictions. Throughout the years independent distributors and brokers have used a variety of shortened names and abbreviations to represent the manufacturer's name.

While an abundance of information can be found in different places by searching the web, companies in the industry have been slow to take a leadership role to share their information in hope of establishing an industry standard.

As a result, both independent and franchised distributors who advertise the same component often use completely different shortened forms of the manufacturer's name. For example, a part manufactured by National Semiconductor Corporation may be advertised as having a manufacturer "NAT" by one distributor, while others use either "National" or "National Semi" with still others using the full company name or the abbreviation "NSC".

PCC offers it's list of component manufacturer names and abbreviations in the hope of helping the industry to develop industry standards that make the open market an easier and safer place to do business.


Manufacturer Name Short-Form
3Com Corporation 3COM
3L Electronic Corporation Incorporated 3L
3M Company 3M
3Y Power Technology Incorporated 3Y
8X8 Incorporated 8X8
A & B Labels And Printing Incorporated A & B LABELS
A. O. Smith Corporation AO SMTIH
A. W. Sperry Instruments SPERRY
Aaeon Electronics Incorporated AAEON
AAK Corporation AAK
Aavid Thermalloy LLC AAVID
AB Connectors Limited AB CONNECTORS
AB Electronic Limited AB ELECTRONICS
ABB Limited ABB
Abbotec Incorporated ABBOTEC
Abbott Technologies Incorporated ABBOTT
ABC Taiwan Electronics Corporation ABC
Abco Electronics Company Limited ABCO
Abracon Corporation ABRACON
A-Bright Incorporated A-BRIGHT
Absolute Battery Limited ABSOLUTE
Abtec Electronica Pte Limited ABTEC
AC Technology Corporation Incorporated AC TECH
ACAM Messelectronic GmBh ACAM
Accel Thermal & La Habra Screw Machine ACCEL
Accelerant Networks ACCELERANT
Accenture Limited ACCENTURE
Accton Technology Corporation ACCTON
Acculogic Incorporated ACCULOGIC
Accurate Fasteners Incorporated ACTFAST
Accurate Screw Machine ACCURATE SCREW
Accusplit Incorporated ACCUSPLIT
Accutek Microcircuit Corporation ACCUTEK
ACE Electronics Incorporated ACE
Acer America Corporation ACER
Acer Laboratories Incorporated ALI
Acme Electric Corporation ACME ELECTRIC
Acme Electronics Corporation ACME ELECTRONICS
Acopian Power Supplies ACOPIAN
Acrian Incorporated ACRIAN
AcroPower Corporation ACROPOWER
ACT Electronics Incorporated ACT ELECT
ACT Fastening Solutions ACT FAST
Actel Corporation ACTEL
Actiontec Electronics Incorporated ACTIONTEC
Active-Semi Incorporated ACTIVE
Acushnet Capacitor Company Incorporated ACUSHNET
Adam Technologies Incorporated
Adaptec Incorporated ADAPTEC
ADC Telecommunications Incorporated ADC
ADDA Corporation ADDA
ADDtek Corporation ADDTEK
ADI Technologies Incorporated ADI TECH
Adirondack Wire & Cable AWC
Advacom Incorporated ADVACOM
Advance Electric Company ADVANCE RELAYS
Advance Transformer Company ADV TRANS
Advanced Analog Circuits Company Limited ADV ANALOG
Advanced Analogic Technologies Incorporated ANALOGIC
Advanced Cable Ties Incorporated ACT
Advanced Communication Devices Corporation ACD
Advanced Components Industries Incorporated ADVCOMP
Advanced Connectek Incorporated ACON
Advanced Crystal Technology ACTCRYSTAL
Advanced Digital Information Corporation ADIC
Advanced Electronic Support Products Incorporated AESP
Advanced Interconnections Corporation ADV INTERCON
Advanced Linear Devices, Incorporated ALD
Advanced Micro Devices Incorporated AMD
Advanced Monolithic Systems Incorporated AMS
Advanced Packaging Technology Of America Group APTA
Advanced Performance Materials APM
Advanced Photonix Incorporated API
Advanced Power Electronics Corporation APEC
Advanced Power Technologies LLC APT
Advanced Semiconductors Incorporated ASI
Advanced TechCom Incorporated ATI RADIO
Advantage Memory Corporation ADV MEM
Advantech Company Limited ADVANTECH
AEGIS Semicondutores Ltda AEGIS SEMI
AEL Crystals Limited AEL XTAL
AEM Incorporated AEM
AEMC Instruments AEMC
AEP Networks AEP
AEQ Broadcast International Incorporated AEQ
Aerocomm Incorporated AEROCOMM
Aero-Electric Connector Incorporated AERO ELECTRIC
Aeroflex / Inmet AERO-INMET
Aeroflex Incorporated AEROFLEX
Aero-Motive Company Incorporated AERO-MOTIVE
Aerospace Components Manufacturers ACM
Aerospace Industries Association AIA
Aerovox Corporation AEROVOX
Aethercomm Incorporated AETHER
Agere Systems Incorporated AGERE
Agilent Technologies Incorporated AGILENT
AIM Incorporated AIM
Aimtron Technologies Corporation AIMTRON
Aiphone Company Limited AIPHONE
Air Electro Incorporated AIR ELECTRO
AirBorn Interconnect Incorporated AIRBORN
Airotronics Incorporated AIROTRONICS
Airpax Corporation AIRPAX
AITech International AITECH
AI-Tek Instruments LLC AI-TEK
aJile Systems Incorporated AJILE
Akahane Electronics Industries Corporation AKAHAN
AKG Thermotechnik International Gmbh & Company Kg AKG
AKK Sinotek Limited AKK
AKM Semiconductor Incorporated AKM SEMI
Akro-Mils Incorporated AKRO-MILS
Akustica Incorporated AKUSTICA
Alacritech Incorporated ALACRITECH
Alarmsaf Incorporated ALARMSAF
Albacom Limited ALBACOM
Alchemy Semiconductor ALCHEMY
Alcoa Incorporated ALCOA
Alcom Electronics ALCOM
Alden Scientific Corporation ASC
Alectron Corporation ALECTRON
Aleph International Corporation ALEPH
Alesis Semiconductor ALESIS
Alflex Corporation ALFELX
ALL Sensors Corporation ALL SENSORS
Allayer Communications ALLAYER
Allegro Microsystems Incorporated
Allen Tel Products Incorporated ALLEN TEL
Alliance Fasteners Company Incorporated ALLIANCE FASTENER
Alliance Fiber Optic Products Incorporated AFOP
Alliance Semiconductor Corporation ALLIANCE
Alliance Storage Technologies Incorporated ASTI
Allied Components International ALLIED
Allied Controls Incorporated ALLIED CTRLS
Allied Telesis Incorporated ALLIED TELESIS
Allied Telesyn Incorporated ALLIED TELESYN
Allstar Magnetics LLC ALLSTAR
All-States Incorporated ALL-STATES
Alogics Company Limited ALOGICS
Alpha & Omega Semiconductor Incorporated ALPHA&OMEGA
Alpha Industries Incorporated AI
Alpha Microelectronics Gmbh ALPHA MICRO
Alpha Semiconductor ALPHA SEMI
Alps Electric Company Limited ALPS
Alta Analog Incorporated ALTA
Altech Corporation ALTECH
Altera Corporation ALTERA
Altima Communications Incorporated ALTIMA
Altmann Potentiometer GmbH ALTMANN
Altronix Corporation ALTRONIX
Alutronic Kuhlkorper GmbH & Company KG ALUTRONIC
Alvarion Limited ALVARION
Amatom Electronic Hardware AMATOM
Amazing Microelectronic Corporation AMAZING
Ambient Technologies AMBIENT
Ambit Microsystems Incorporated AMBIT
AME Incorporated AME
American Beauty Tools AM BEAUTY
American Bright Optoelectronics Corporation AM BRIGHT
American Electronic Components Incorporated AEC
American Electronic Laboratories Incorporated AEL
American Lock Company AM LOCK
American Magnetics Incorporated AM MAGNETICS
American Megatrends Incorporated AMI
American Microsemiconductor Incorporated AM MICROSEMI
American Microsystems, Incorporated AMIS
American Power Conversion Corporation
American Power Devices Incorporated APD
American Relays Incorporated AM RELAYS
American Research & Engineering ARE
American Security Equipment Company AMSECO
American Shizuki Corporation ASC CAP
American Solenoid Company Incorporated AM SOLENOID
American Technical Ceramics Corporation ATC
American Yazaki Corporation AM YAZAKI
American Zettler Incorporated AZETTLER
Americord Incorporated AMERICORD
Ametek Incorporated AMETEK
Ametherm Incorporated AMETHERM
Amex-Electronics Incorporated AMEX
AMIC Technology Corporation AMIC
Amidon Incorporated AMIDON
Amitron Incorporated AMITRON
Amkor Technology Incorporated AMKOR
Amlogic Incorporated AMLOGIC
AMP Incorporated
AMP Netconnect AMP
Amperex Technology Limited AMPEREX
Amperite Company AMPERITE
Amphenol Corporation AMPHENOL
Amphus Incorporated AMPHUS
Ample Communications Incorporated AMPLE
Amplifonix Incorporated AMPLIFX
Amprobe Test Tools AMPROBE
Amulet Technologies LLC AMULET
Amveco Magnetics Incorporated AMVECO
Anachip Corporation ANACHIP
Anadigics Incorporated
Anadigm Incorporated ANADIGM
Analog Devices Incorporated ADI
Analog Integration Corporation AIC
Analog Microelectronics Gmbh ANALOG MICRO
Analogic Corporation ALOG
Anaren Microwave Incorporated ANAREN
Anchor Bay Technologies, Incorporated ANCHOR BAY
Anchor Chips Incorporated ANCHOR
Anderson Power Products Incorporated APP
Andigilog Incorporated ANDIGILOG
Andon Electronics Corporation ANDON
Andover Coils LLC ANDOVER
Andrew Corporation ANDREW
Andromeda Systems Incorporated ANDROMEDA
Angstrem Joint Stock Company ANGSTREM
Angstrohm Precision Incorporated ANGSTROHM
Anpec Electronics Corporation ANPEC
Anritsu Corporation ANRITSU
Antec Incorporated ANTEC
AntennaCraft Company ANTENNACRAFT
Antunes Controls ANTUNES
AOC Monitors AOC
APD Semiconductor Incorporated APD SEMI
APEM Components Incorporated APEM
Apex Microtechnology Corporation APEX
API Electronics Incorporated API ELECTRONICS
Aplus Flash Technology Incorporated APLUS
APlus Integrated Circuits Incorporated APLUS IC
APM Hexseal Corporation APM HEXSEAL
Apple Incorporated APPLE
Appleton Electric Company APPLETON
Applied Data Systems Incorporated ADS
Applied Energetics Incorporated AE
Applied Engineering Products APPLIED ENG PROD
Applied Interconnect Incorporated APPLIED INTERCONNECT
Applied Micro Circuits Corporation AMCC
Applied Microsystems Limited APPLIED MICRO
Applied Solar Energy Corporation ASEC
Aptek Micro Systems Incorporated APTEK
Aptina Imaging APTINA
Aptos Semiconductor Corporation APTOS
APW Electronic Solutions APW
APW Enclosure Products APW ENCLOSURE
APX Technologies Incorporated APX
Arco Electronics Incorporated ARCO
Arcol UK Limited ARCOL
Arcolectric Limited ARCOLECTRIC
Arcotronics Group ARCOTRON
Argon Masking Incorporated ARGON MASKING
Aries Electronics Incorporated ARIES
Arithmos Incorporated ARITHMOS
Arizona Capacitors LLC AZ CAPACITORS
Arizona Microtek Incorporated AZM
ARM Incorporated
ARMEL Electronics Incorporated ARMEL
Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corporation ARNOLD
Aromat Corporation AROMAT
Arques Technology Incorporated ARQUES
ARRA Incorporated ARRA
Array Connector Corporation ARRAY CONNECTOR
Array Microsystems Incorporated ARRAY
Arrow Hart Incorporated ARROW-HART
Artesyn Technologies Incorporated ARTESYN
Artisan Controls Corporation ARTISAN
Artisoft Incorporated ARTISOFT
Artos Engineering Company ARTOS
ArtX Incorporated ARTX
Arvan Incorporated ARVAN
Asante Technologies Incorporated ASANTE
ASC Semiconductors Limited ASC SEMI
Asco Valve Incorporated ASCO
ASD Technology Pty Limited ASD
Asicom Technologies Limited ASICOM
Asiliant Technologies ASILIANT
Asix Electronics Corporation ASIX
ASJ Holdings Limited
Assmann Electronics Incorporated ASSMANN
Associated Components Technology Incorporated ACTI
Associated Spring, Barnes Industrial ASSOC SPRING
AST Computer Incorporated AST COMP
Astec Semiconductor Incorporated ASTEC
Astro Tool Corporation ASTROTOOL
Astrodyne Incorporated ASTRODYNE
Astron Corporation
Astron Technology Company Limited
ASUStek Computer Incorporated ASUS
AT & T Microelectronics Incorporated AT&T
ATC Diversified Electronics ATC DIVERSIFIED
Atech Flash Technology Incorporated ATECH
Athena Controls Incorporated ATHENA CTRLS
Athena Semiconductors Incorporated ATHENA SEMI
Atheros Communications Incorporated ATHEROS
ATI Technologies Incorporated ATI
Atlas Wire And Cable Corporation ATLAS
Atlee Of Delaware Incorporated ATLEE
Atmel Corporation ATMEL
Atomic Time Incorporated ATOMIC TIME
Atto Technology Incorporated ATTO
ATV Technology Incorporated ATV TECH
AU Optronics Corporation AUO
Auctor Corporation AUCTOR
Audio Digital Imaging Incorporated AUDIO DIGITAL
AudioCodes Limited AUDIOCODE
Audio-Technica Corporation AUDIO-TECH
Augat Incorporated
AUK Corporation AUK
Auravision Incorporated AURA
Aureal Semiconductor Incorporated AUREAL
Aurora Systems Company Limited AURORA
Auspex Systems Incorporated AUSPEX
Austin Semiconductor Incorporated AUSTIN
Austria Mikro Systeme International AG AUSTRIA MIKRO
austriamicrosystems AG AUSTRIAMICRO
Autac Incorporated AUTAC
Autec Power Systems AUTEC
AuthenTec Incorporated AUTHENTEC
Autoclave Engineers Incorporated AUTOCLAVE
Automated Production Systems Incorporated APS
Automatic Timing And Controls AUTOTIMING
Automation Products Incorporated AUTO PROD
Autosplice Incorporated AUTOSPLICE
Autoswage Products Incorporated AUTO SWAGE
Autotech Controls Corporation AUTOTECH
Avago Technologies Limited AVAGO
Avanex Corporation AVANEX
Avantek Incorporated AVANTEK
Avaya Incorporated AVAYA
Avdel Cherry Textron AVDEL CHERRY
Aved Memory Products Incorporated AVED
Aven Incorporated AVEN
Averlogic Technologies Incorporated AVERLOGIC
AVG Automation AVG AUTO
Avibank Manufacturing Incorporated AVIBANK
Avici Systems Incorporated AVCI
Avionics Specialist Incorporated AVIONICS
AVK Industrial Products AVK
Avnet Microwave Technical Solutions AVNET MTS
AVO International Incorporated AVO INTL
Avocet Systems Incorporated AVOCET
AVX Corporation AVX
AW Industries Incorporated AW INDUSTRIES
Axis Semiconductor Incorporated AXIS
Ayrshire Electronics LLC AYRSHIRE
AZ Displays Incorporated AZ DISPLAYS
B & B Specialties Incorporated B & B
B & B Threaded Components Incorporated B&B
B & K Precision Corporation B & K
B & L Metals Incorporated B & L
B. B. Battery Company Limited B B BATTERY
Babcock Electro Mechanical Incorporated BABCOCK
Bach-Simpson Corporation BACH SIMPSON
Backplane Systems Technology Pty Limited BACKPLANE
BACO Controls Incorporated BACO
Baknor Electronics Industries Incorporated BAKNOR
Baldor Electric Company BALDOR
Ball Chain Manufacturing Company Incorporated BCM
Balluf Incorporated BALLUF
Banderacom Incorporated BANDERA
Bandspeed Incorporated BANDSPEED
Banner Engineering Corporation BANNER
Barber-Colman Company BARBER-COLMAN
Barcel Wire And Cable Corporation BARCEL
Barker Microfarads Incorporated BMI
Barnes Engineering Company BARNES
Barry Industries Incorporated BARRY
Basis Communications Corporation BASIS
Baumer Electric AG BAUMER
Bay Linear Incorporated BAYLINEAR
Bay Networks Incorporated BAY NET
BC Components International BC
BCD Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited BCD
BCM Advanced Research BCM ADV
Beau Interconnect Systems BEAU
Beckman Industries
Beckman Instruments Incorporated BECKMAN INST
Beede Electrical Instrument Company Incorporated BEEDE
Behavior Tech Computer Corporation BTC
BEI Duncan Electronics BEI DUNCAN
BEI Technologies Incorporated BEI TECH
Bel Fuse Incorporated BEL
Belden Incorporated BELDEN
Belkin International Incorporated BELKIN
Bellstor Storage Solutions BELLSTOR
Ben Hughes Communication Products Company BEN HUGHES
Benchmark Tape Systems Corporation BENCHMARK
Benchmarq Microelectronics Incorporated BENCHMARQ
Bendix Corporation BENDIX
Bentley Harris BENHAR
Berg Electronics
Berger Elektronik Gmbh BERGER
Bergquist Company BERGQUIST
Berkshire Transformer Corporation BERKSHIRE
Berk-Tek Incorporated BERK-TEK
Best Power Technology Incorporated BEST POWER
Best Sound Electronics Co Limited BSE
Beyerdynamic Gmbh & Company Kg BEYERDYNAMIC
BH Electronics Incorporated BH
Bharat Electronics Limited BHARAT
BI Link Metal Specialties Incorporated BLMSI
BI Technologies Corporation BI TECH
Bias Power LLC BIAS
Binder Electronic Components AG BINDER
Bird Technologies Group BIRD
Birnbach Company BIRNBACH
Birtcher Products BIRTCHER
Bishop Electronics Corporation BISHOP
Bi-Sonic Technology Corporation BI-SONIC
Bitblitz Communications Incorporated BITBLITZ
Bivar Incorporated BIVAR
BKC International Electronics Incorporated BKC SEMI
Black & Decker Corporation
Black Box Corporation BBOX
Bliley Technologies Incorporated BLILEY
Blockmaster Electronics Incorporated BLOCKMASTER
Blonder Tongue Laboratories Incorporated BLONDER
Blue Sea Systems BLUE SEAS
Bluecom Company Limited BLUECOM
Bobbin Coil Specialists Incorporated BOBBIN COIL
Boca Semiconductor Corporation BOCA
Bodine Electric Company BODINE
Bogen Communications Incorporated BOGEN
Bolymin Incorporated BOLYMIN
Bomar Interconnect Products Incorporated BOMAR
Bondhus Corporation BONDHUS
Bookham Incorporated BOOKHAM
Boser Technology Company Limited BOSER
Bossard Group BOSSARD
Boston Gear Incorporated BOSTON GEAR
Bothhand Enterprise Incorporated BOTHHAND
Bourns Incorporated
Bow Electronic Solders Incorporated BOW
Bowmar/White Technology BOWMAR/WHITE
Bradford Electronics Incorporated BRADFORD
Brady Worldwide Incorporated BRADY
Brand 77 BRAND 77
Branson Ultrasonics Corporation BRANSON
Brecis Communications BRECIS
Brel Precision Components Incorporated BREL
Brentek International Incorporated BRENTEK
Bright Led Electronics Corporation BRIGHT LED
Bright Microelectronics Incorporated BRIGHT MICRO
Brightstar Technology Company Limited BSTW
Brilliance Semiconductor Incorporated BSI
Brimar Display Solutions Limited BRIMAR
Broadband TelCom Power Incorporated BTCPOWER
Broadcom Corporation BROADCOM
Brocade Communications Systems Incorporated BROCADE
Brookdale Frequency Controls Incorporated BFC
Brooks Automation Incorporated BROOKS
Brooktree Incorporated BROOKTREE
Brother International Corporation BROTHER
Broyce Control Limited BROYCE
Brundidge Electronics Corporation BEC
Bryant Products Incorporated BRYANT
Buchanan Terminal Blocks & Connectors BUCHANAN
Buckminster Corporation BUCKMINSTER
Bud Industries Incorporated BUD INDUSTRIES
Building Fasteners Incorporated BLDG FSTNR
Bujeon Components Company Limited BUJEON
Burle Technologies Incorporated BURLE
Burndy Corporation BURNDY
Burr-Brown Corporation BURR-BROWN
Butterfly DSP Incorporated BUTTERFLY
Bystat International Incorporated BYSTAT
C & D Technologies Incorporated C & D
C & H Manufacturing Incorporated C & H
C & K Components Incorporated C & K
C & S Technologies Incorporated C&S
Cable Components Group LLC CABLE COMP
Cable Design Technologies Corporation CDT
Cableco Technologies Corporation CABLECO
Cabletron Systems Incorporated CABLETRON
Caddock Electronics Incorporated
Cadence Design Systems Incorporated CADENCE
Caig Laboratories Incorporated CAIG
Cal Coil Magnetics Incorporated CAL COIL
Cal Crystal Lab Incorporated CAL CRYSTAL
Cal-Chip Electronics Incorporated CAL-CHIP
Calex Manufacturing Company Incorporated CALEX
Caliber Electronics Incorporated CALIBER
California Micro Devices Corporation CALMICRO
Calmark Corporation CALMARK
Calogic Corporation CALOGIC
Caloric Color Company CALORIC COLOR
Calrad Electronics Incorporated CALRAD
Caltron Industries Incorporated CALTRON
Camcar Textron CAMCAR
Canadian Shunt Industries Incorporated CAN SHUNT
Canadian Thermostats & Control Devices Limited CANTHERM
Canare Corporation Of America CANARE
Canary Communications Incorporated CANARY
Candela Instruments Incorporated CANDELA
Capacitor Specialist International CSII
Capax Technologies Incorporated CAPAX
Capital Advanced Technologies Incorporated CAPITAL ADV
Capital Wire & Cable Company CAPITAL WIRE
Caplugs Incorporated CAPLUGS
Captive Fastener Corporation CAPTIVE FAST
Cardinal Components Incorporated CARDINAL
Carl Kammerling International Limited KAMMERLING
Carling Technologies Incorporated CARLING
Carlisle Interconnect Technologies CARLISLE
Carlo Gavazzi Computing Solutions Incorporated CARLO GAVAZZI
Carrier Access Corporation CARRIER ACCESS
Cast Incorporated CAST
Castlewood Systems Incorporated CASTLEWOOD
Catalyst Semiconductor Incorporated CAT SEMI
Cavium Networks CAVIUM
CBM Of America Incorporated CBM AMERICA
C-Cube Microsystems Incorporated CCUBE
Celeritek Incorporated CELERITEK
Celestica Incorporated
Celetron USA Incorporated CELETRON
Cell Con Incorporated CELL-CON
Centennial Technologies Incorporated CENTENNIAL
Centillium Communications Incorporated CENTILLIUM
Centon Electronics Incorporated CENTON
Central Semiconductor Corporation CENTRAL SEMI
Central Technologies Corporation CLTS
Centronic Limited CENTRONIC
Century Interconnect Products Incorporated CENTURY INTERCON
Century Micro Electronics Incorporated CENTURY MICRO
Ceramate Technology Company Limited CERAMATE
Cera-Mite Corporation CERA-MITE
Ceratech Corporation CERATECH
Cermetek Microelectronics Incorporated CERMETEK
CET Technology Incorporated CET TECH
Cetron Electronics Corporation CETRON
CH Ellis Company Incorporated CH ELLIS
Challenge Electronics Incorporated CHALLENGE
Champion Microelectronics Corporation CHAMPION
Channel Master Incorporated CHANNEL MASTER
Channel Microwave Corporation CHANNEL MICRO
Chaparral Network Storage Incorporated CHAPARRAL
Charleswater Limited CHARLESWATER
Chase Research Limited CHASE
Chazak Value Corporation CHAZAK
Chelton Telecom & Microwave CHELTON
Chemtronics Incorporated CHEMTRONICS
Cheng Uei Precision Industry Company Limited FOXLINK
Chenming Mold Industries Corporation UNEEC
Chequers Electronic Limited (China) CHEQUERS ELECTRONIC
Cherry Corporation CHERRY
Cherry Semiconductor Corporation CHERRY SEMI
Chicago Dynamic Industries Incorporated CHICAGO DYNAMIC
Chicago International Industries Limited Incorporated CHICAGO INTL
Chicago Lock Company CHICAGO LOCK
Chicago Miniature Lamps Incorporated CHICAGO MINI LAMPS
Chilisin Electronics Corporation CHILISIN
Chingis Technology Corporation CHINGIS
Chino-Excel Technology Corporation CET
Chip Coolers Incorporated CHIP COOLERS
Chip Quik Incorporated CHIP QUIK
Chips And Technologies C&T
ChipX Incorporated CHIPX
Chomerics Incorporated CHOMERICS
Chrislin Industries Incorporated CHRISLIN
Christian Bürkert Gmbh & Company Kg BURKERT
Chromalox Incorporated CHROMALOX
Chrontel Incorporated CHRONTEL
CI Design Company Incorporated CI DESIGN
Cicada Semiconductor Incorporated CICADA
Cinch Connectors Incorporated CINCH
Circuit Assembly Corporation
Circuit Components Incorporated CIRCUIT COMP
Cirrus Logic Incorporated CIRRUS
Cisco Systems Incorporated CISCO
CIT Relay & Switch CIT R&S
Citel Incorporated CITEL
Citizen Electronics Company Limited CITIZEN
CKE Incorporated CKE
Clairex Technologies Incorporated CLAIREX
Clampco Products Incorporated CLAMPCO
Clare Incorporated CLARE
Clarostat Sensors And Controls Incorporated
ClearLogic Corporation CLEARLOGIC
ClearOne Communications Incorporated CLEARONE
Cliff Electronic Components Limited CLIFF
Clinton Electronics Corporation CLINTON
Clippard Instrument Laboratory Incorporated CLIPPARD
C-MAC Microtechnology C-MAC
CMD Technology Incorporated CMD TECH
C-Media Electronics Incorporated C-MEDIA
CML Innovative Technologies CMLIT
CML Microcircuits CML
CML Microcircuits Limited CML MICRO
CNet Technology Incorporated CNET
Coast / Advanced Chip Magnetics COAST
Codeco Coporation Of Vermont CODECO
Codenoll Technology Corporation CODENOLL
Codi Semiconductor Incorporated CODI
Coev Magnetics COEV
Coherent Incorporated COHERENT
Coilcraft Incorporated
Coiltronics Incorporated COILTRON
Coining Corporation Of America COINING CORP
Coining Incorporated COINING INC
Colder Products Company COLDER
Cole Hersee Company COLE HERSEE
Coleman Cable Incorporated COLEMAN
Cole-Parmer Instrument Company COLE-PARMER
Collmer Semiconductor Incorporated COLLMER
Colman Motor Products Incorporated COLMAN
Cologne Chip AG COLOGNE
Colorado Memory Systems Incorporated CO MEMORY
Comair Rotron Incorporated COMAIR
Comchip Technology Corporation COMCHIP
Comcore Technologies Incorporated COMCORE
COMedia Limited COMEDIA
Comet Ag COMET
Comlinear Corporation COMLINEAR
Command Communications Incorporated COMMAND
Commercial Cam Company Incorporated CAMCO
Communications & Power Industries Incorporated CPII
Communications Instruments Incorporated COMM INST
Communications Transistor Corporation CTC
Compañía General De Electrónica S A De C V CGE
CompAS Electronics Incorporated COMPAS
Compensated Devices Incorporated CDI
Compex Corporation COMPEX
Component Equipment Company Incorporated CECO
Component Research Company Incorporated COMP RESEARCH
Components Corporation COMPCORP
Comport Data Incorporated COMPORT
Compostar Technology Company Limited
Comptrol Incorporated COMPTROL
Computer Cases & Cables CC&C
CompX International Incorporated COMPX
Comtech AHA Corporation AHA
Comtel Solutions Private Limited COMTEL
Comus International Incorporated COMUS
Conant Controls Incorporated CONANT
Concord Electronics Incorporated CONCORD
Conditioning Semiconductor Devices Corporation CSDC
Condor DC Power Supplies Incorporated CONDOR
Conec Corporation CONEC CORP
Conexant Systems Incorporated
Coninvers GmbH CONINVERS
Connect One Semiconductors Incorporated CONNECT ONE
Connecting Devices Incorporated CONN DEVICES
Connectors Unlimited Incorporated CUI
Connex Connector Corporation CONNEX
Connor-Winfield Corporation CON-WIN
Conquest Sound Company Incorporated CONQUEST
Conrac Incorporated CONRAC
Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable CONWIRE
Conta-Clip Incorporated CONTA-CLIP
Contact Electronics Incorporated CONTACT
Continental Device India Limited CDIL
Continental-Aero Incorporated CONT-AERO
Control & Drive Systems Incorporated CONTROL & DRIVE
Control Components Incorporated CCI
Control Concepts Incorporated CTRL CONCEPTS
Control Engineering Company CONTROL ENG
Control Techniques Limited CTRL TECH
Controlled Power Company CTRL POWER
Conversion Devices Incorporated CON DEVICES
Converter Concepts Incorporated CONVERTER CON
Conxall Corporation CONXALL
Cool Innovations COOL
Cooler Master Company Limited COOLER MASTER
Cooltron Industrial Supply Incorporated COOLTRON
Cooper B-Line B-LINE
Cooper Industries Incorporated COOPER
Cooper Wiring Devices Incorporated CWD
Copoint Electronics B.V. COPOINT
Corby Industries Incorporated CORBY
Cordyne Incorporated CORDYNE
Coreriver Semiconductor Company Limited CORERIVER
Cornell-Dubilier Electronics Incorporated CDE
Corning Frequency Control Incorporated CORNING FREQ
Corning Lasertron Incorporated LASERTRON
Cortina Systems Incorporated CORTINA
Cosel Company Limited COSEL
Cosmo Electronics Corporation COSMO
Cosonic Enterprise Corporation COSONIC
Coto Corporation COTO
Courtesy Fastener Products Incorporated COURTESY
CP Clare Corporation CP CLARE
Cradle Technologies Incorporated CRADLE
Cramer Coil & Transformer Company Incorporated CRAMER
Crane Aerospace & Electronics Incorporated CRANE AERO
Crane Connectors Incorporated CRANE CONN
Creative Labs C LABS
Creative Micro Systems Incorporated CREATIVE MICRO
Creative Technology Limited CREATIVE
Cree Incorporated CREE
Cristek Interconnects Incorporated CRISTEK
Critchley Components Limited CRITCHLEY
CRL Components Pte Limited
Crompton Instruments Incorporated CROMPTON
Crosslink Semiconductor Incorporated CROSSLINK
Crouzet Automatismes SAS CROUZET
Crown Semiconductor Incorporated CROWN
Crydom Incorporated CRYDOM
Crystal Semiconductor
Crystal Technology Incorporated CRYSTAL TECH
Crystek Corporation CRYSTEK
CSRI Elektropribor ELEKTRO
Cswitch Incorporated CSWITCH
CTI- Champion Technologies Incorporated CHAMPION TECH
CTM Magnetics Incorporated CTM
C-Ton Industries C-TON
CTS Corporation
CUI Stack Incorporated CUI STACK
Cummins Incorporated CUMMINS
Current Controls Incorporated CURRENT CTRLS
Curtis Industries Incorporated CURTIS IND
Cushcraft Corporation CUSHCRAFT
Custom Connector Corporation CUSTOM CONN
Cvilux Corporation CVILUX
CW Industries CW IND
Cyan Technologies CYAN
CyberResearch Incorporated CYBERRESEARCH
Cygnal Integrated Products Incorporated CYGNAL
Cylix Corporation CYLIX
Cyntec Company Limited CYNTEC
Cyoptics Incorporated CYOPTICS
Cypress Semiconductor Corporation CYPRESS
Cyrix Corporation
D6 Industries Incorporated D6
Daburn Electronics & Cable Corporation
Daewoo Semiconductor DAEWOO
Daico Industries Incorporated DAICO
Daishinku Corporation KDS
Dale Electronics Incorporated DALE
Da-Lite Screen Company Incorporated DA-LITE
Dallas Semiconductor Incorporated DALLAS
DALSA Corporation DSA
Danaher Corporation DANAHER
Danfoss Group DANFOSS
Daniel Woodhead Company WOODHEAD
Daniels Manufacturing Corporation DANIELS
Dantona Industries Incorporated DANTONA
Darfon Electronics Corporation DARFON
Data Base Access Systems Incorporated DBAS
Data Delay Devices Incorporated DDD
Data Device Corporation DDC
Data Display Products Incorporated DDP
Data General Corporation DG
Data Instruments Incorporated DATA INST
Data Label Incorporated DATA LABEL
Data Modul Incorporated DATA MODUL
Data Panel Incorporated DATAPANEL
Datalogic S.p.A. DATALOGIC
Datapath Systems Incorporated DATAPATH
Dataram Corporation DATARAM
Datatronic Limited DATATRONIC
Datel Intersil Corporation DATEL INTERSIL
Davicom Semiconductor Incorporated DAVICOM
David Clark Company Incorporated DAVID CLARK
Davies Molding LLC DAVIES
DC Components Company Limited DC COMP
D-Cemco Incorporated D-CEMCO
DDK Limited DDK
DDM Hopt & Schuler GmbH & Company KG DDM
Deanco Incorporated DEANCO
Dearborn Electronics Incorporated DEARBORN
DEK Incorporated DEK
Delco Electronics Corporation DELCO
Dell Incorporated DELL
Delphi Corporation DELPHI
Delta Electronics Incorporated
Delta RF Technology Incorporated DELTA RF
Deltec Electronics Corporation DELTEC
Deltran Corporation DELTRAN
Deltrol Corporation DELTROL
Deltron Incorporated DELTRON
Dense-Pac Microsystems Incorporated DENSE-PAC
Densitron Technologies Plc DENSITRON
Desco Industries Incorporated DESCO
Desert Engineering Group Incorporated DESERT
Detection Technology Incorporated DT
Detroit Coil Company DETROIT COIL
Device Engineering Incorporated
Dewalt Industrial Tool Company DEWALT
Dexter Magnetic Technologies Incorporated DEXTER
DFCI Solutions Incorporated DFCI
DFI Incorporated DFI
Di/Dt Incorporated DI/DT
Dialight BLP Limited BLP
Dialight Corporation DIALIGHT
Dialog Semiconductor GmbH DIALOG
Dialogic Corporation DIALOGIC
Diamond Technologies Company Limited DIAMOND TECH
Dibar Electronics Corporation DIBAR
DiCon Fiberoptics Incorporated DICON
Dielectric Laboratories Incorporated DLI
Digi International Incorporated DIGI INT
Digital Core Design DCD
Digital Equipment Corporation DEC
Digital View Incorporated DIGITAL VIEW
Digital-Tech Company Limited DIG-TECH
Digitron Electronic Corporation DIGITRON
DII Semiconductor Mixed-Signal DSM
Dinkle Enterprise Company Limited DINKLE
Diode Transistor Company Incorporated DTRAN
Diodes Incorporated DIODES
Dionics Incorporated DIONICS
Diotec Semiconductor AG DIOTEC
Directed Energy Incorporated DEI
Discera Incorporated DISCERA
Ditek Corporation DITEK
D-Link Corporation D-LINK
DNA Group Incorporated DNA GROUP
Dolan-Jenner Industries Incorporated DOLAN JENNER
Dolphin Integration SA DOLPHIN
Dolphin Interconnect Solutions ASA DOLPHIN INTERCON
Domosys Corporation DOMOSYS
Dong Il Technology Limited DONG IL
Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company DONGAN
Dormer Tools Limited DORMER
Douglas-Randall Incorporated DOUGLAS RANDALL
Dow Corning Corporation DOW CORNING
Dow-Key Microwave Corporation DOW-KEY
DPAC Technologies Incorporated DPAC
Dr Johannes Heidenhain GmbH HEIDENHAIN
Draka Automotive GmbH DRAKA
Draloric Electronic GmbH DRALORIC
Dreefs GmbH DREEFS
Dremel Company DREMEL
Drive-Lok Incorporated DRIVE-LOK
Drossbach N.A. Incorporated DROSSBACH
DSP Communications Incorporated DSP COMM
DSP Group Incorporated DSP GROUP
DT Magnetics Incorporated DT MAG
Dualcore Semiconductor DUALCORE
Dual-Lite Incorporated DUAL-LITE
Dubilier Limited DUBILIER
Dukane Corporation DUKANE
Dunlee Incorporated DUNLEE
Dupont Electronic Technologies
Duracell Corporation DURACELL
Durakool Incorporated DURAKOOL
DVDO Incorporated DVDO
Dwyer Instruments Incorporated DWYER
Dynachip Corporation DYNACHIP
Dynamic Measurements Corporation DMC
Dynamic Microcircuits Plc DYNAMIC MICRO
Dynapar Corporation DYNAPAR
Dynasty Battery DYNASTY
Dynasys Technologies Incorporated DYNASYS
Dynawave Incorporated DYNAWAVE
Dynex Semiconductor Limited DYNEX
Dynisco Instruments LLC DYNISCO
Dynohm Technology Incorporated DYNOHM
Dzus Fastener Company Incorporated DZUS
E20 Communications Incorporated E20
E2V Technologies Plc E2V
EAC Electronics Company EAC
Eagle Connector Corporation EAGLE CONN
Eagle-Picher Technologies LLC EAGLE-PICHER
EAO Switch Corporation EAO SWITCH
Easco Hand Tools Incorporated EASCO
Eastern Components Incorporated EASTERN
Eastman Kodak Company KODAK
Eastron Corporation EASTRON
Easy Braid Company EASY BRAID
Eaton Corporation EATON
EBG Elektronische Bauelemente EBG
Ebm-Papst Incorporated EBMPAPST
EBT Optronic GmbH & Company EBT
EBV Elektronik GmbH & Company KG EBV
EBY Electro Incorporated EBY
Echelon Corporation ECHELON
Eclipse Electronic Systems Incorporated ECLIPSE
Ecliptek Corporation
ECS Incorporated International ECS INC
EDAC Incorporated
Edal Industries Incorporated EDAL
Edison Fuse Incorporated EDISON FUSE
Edmund Optics Incorporated EO
EDP Company EDP CO
EDSYN Incorporated EDSYN
Edwards Limited EDWARDS LTD
Edwards Signaling & Security Systems EDWARDS SIGNAL
EECO Switch
EEV Limited EEV
EF Johnson Technologies Incorporated EF JOHNSON
EFD Incorporated EFD
Efficient Networks Incorporated EFFICIENT
EG & G Technical Services Incorporated EG&G
EiC Corporation EIC CORP
Eicon Networks Corporation EICON
Eiko Limited EIKO
EIL Instruments Incorporated EIL
Elan Microelectronics Corporation ELAN
Elantec Semiconductor Incorporated ELANTEC
Elcom Technologies Incorporated ELCOM TECH
Elcon Products International Company ELCON
Electri-Cord Manufacturing Company ELECTRI-CORD
Electro Adapter Incorporated ELECTRO ADAPTER
Electro Corporation ELECTRO CORP
Electro Dynamics Crystal Corporation EDC
Electro Switch Corporation ELECTRO SWITCH
ElectroCraft Incorporated ELECTROCRAFT
Electrocube Incorporated ELECTROCUBE
Electroid Company ELECTROID
Electrol Company Incorporated ELECTROL
Elec-Trol Incorporated ELEC-TROL
Electroline Equipment Incorporated ELECTROLINE
Electrologic Incorporated ELOGIC
Electromatic Controls Corporation ELECTROMATIC CTRL
Electro-Matic Products Incorporated ELECTRO-MATIC
Electromech Incorporated ELECTROMECH
Electronic Arrays Incorporated EA
Electronic Components International Incorporated ECI
Electronic Concepts Incorporated ELECT CONCEPTS
Electronic Connector Service Incorporated ECS
Electronic Designs Incorporated E DESIGNS
Electronic Devices Incorporated E DEVICES
Electronic Displays Incorporated E DISPLAYS
Electronic Fasteners Incorporated EFI
Electronic Hardware Corporation EHC
Electronic Technology Corporation ETC
Electronic Transistors Corporation TEC
Electro-Space Fabricators Incorporated ESF
Electro-Tec Corporation ELECTRO-TEC
Electro-Voice Incorporated EV
Elesta Gmbh Elektronik ELESTA
Eletech Electronics Incorporated ELETECH
Elgen Electronics Company Limited
Elite Flash Storage Technology Incorporated EFST
Elite Semiconductor Memory Technology Incorporated EMST
Elk Products Incorporated ELK
Ellis/Kuhnke Controls Incorporated KUHNKE
Elm State Electronics Incorporated ELM STATE
Elma Electronic Incorporated EEI
Elmec Corporation ELMEC
Elmex Controls Pvt Limited ELMEX
Elmo Semiconductor Corporation ELMO
Elmos Semiconductor AG ELMOS
Elmwood Sensors Incorporated ELMWOOD
Elna Company Limited ELNA
ELO Touchsystems Incorporated ELO
Elpac Power Systems
Elpida Memory Incorporated ELPIDA
Elpower Systems ELPOWER
Eltek Limited ELTEK
Elvo Electronics Corporation ELVO
Elytone Electronic Company Limited ELYTONE
EM Microelectronic-Marin Sa EM MICRO
E-Max Instruments Incorporated E-MAX
Embedded Results Limited KANDA
EMC Corporation EMC2
EMC Technology Incorporated EMC TECH
Emcore Corporation EMCORE
Emerging Display Technologies Incorporated EDT
Emerson & Cuming Microwave Products Incorporated EMERSON&CUMING
Emerson Electric Company EMERSON
Emhart Teknologies Incorporated EMHART
Emkay Innovative Products Incorporated EMKAY
EMM Labs Incorporated EMM LABS
Empire Magnetics Incorporated EMPIRE
Empro Manufacturing Company Incorporated EMPRO
Emulation Technology Incorporated ET
Emulex Corporation EMULEX
Enable Semiconductor Corporation ENABLE
Encoder Products Company Incorporated EPC
Endicott Research Group Incorporated
Energizer Holdings Incorporated ENERGIZER
Energy Transformation Systems Incorporated ETS
Enersys Incorporated ENERSYS
ENG Electric Company Limited ENG
EnGenius Technologies Incorporated ENGENIUS
Engineered Components Company ECC
English Electric Valve Company Limited ENGLISH
Enhance Electronics Company Limited ENHANCE
Enhanced Memory Systems Incorporated ENHANCED MEMORY
Enlight Corporation ENLIGHT
ENM Company Incorporated ENM CO
Enpirion Incorporated ENPIRION
Ensign Corporation ENSIGN
Ensoniq Corporation ENSONIQ
Entegris Incorporated EI
Enterasys Networks Incorporated ENTERASYS
Entertron Industries Incorporated ENTERTRON
Enuclia Semiconductor Incorporated ENUCLIA
Environmental Systems Corporation ESC
EON Silicon Solution Incorporated EON
Epic Logic Incorporated EPIC
Epic Semiconductor Incorporated EPIC SEMI
Epitaxx Incorporated EPITAXX
Epitek Electronics Limited EPITEK
Epitex Incorporation EPITEX
Epsco Incorporated EPSCO
Epson Electronics America Incorporated EPSON
Epson Toyocom Corporation EPSON TOYO
EPT GmbH & Company KG EPT
Equator Technologies Incorporated EQUATOR
Equipto Electronics Corporation EQUIPTO
Eraser Company Incorporated ERASER
Erich Rothe GmbH & Company KG ROTHE
Erico International Corporation ERICO
Ericsson Incorporated
Erni Electronics Gmbh ERNI
Esico-Triton International ETI
Esna Technologies ESNA
ESS Technology Incorporated ESS
Essex Products Group Incorporated ESSEX
Esteem Power Technologies Pvt Limited ESTEEM
E-Switch Incorporated E-SWITCH
ETA Electric Industry Company Limited ETA-USA
ETASIS Electronics Corporation ETASIS
ETC Incorporated ETC INC
E-Tek Dynamics Incorporated E-TEK
ETI Systems Incorporated ETI SYS
Etron Technology Incorporated ETRON
Etronics Corporation ETRONICS
Eudyna Devices Incorporated EUDYNA
Eupec Incorporated EUPEC
Eureka Technology Incorporated EUREKA
European Semiconductor Manufacturing Limited ESM
Eurotech Incorporated EUROTECH
Ever Ohms Technology Company Limited EVER OHMS
Everbee Networks EVERBEE
Eveready Battery Company Incorporated EVEREADY
Everett Charles Technologies Incorporated EVERETT CHARLES
Everlight Electronic Company Limited EVERLIGHT
EVGA Corporation EVGA
Evox Rifa Oy EVOX
EWC Controls Incorporated
Exabyte Corporation EXABYTE
Exar Corporation EXAR
Excel Cell Electronic Company Limited ECE
Excel Semiconductor Incorporated ESI
Excelta Corporation Incorporated EXCELTA
Exel Microelectronics Incorporated
EXELITE Innovations Limited EXELITE
Exide Technologies EXIDE
Exodus Microelectronics Company Limited EXODUS
Extech Instruments Corporation EXTECH
Eyang Technology Development Company Limited EYANG
EZchip Technologies Limited EZCHIP
Fagor Electronica FAGOR
Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation FAIRCHILD
Fair-Rite Products Corporation FAIR-RITE
Falconstor Software Incorporated FALCONSTOR
Faraday Technology Corporation FARADAY
Farallon Communications Incorporated FARALLON
Fargo Assembly Company FAC
Fasco Incorporated FASCO
Fast Point Technologies Incorporated FAST POINT
Fastener Technology Corporation FTC
Fastex General Products ITW FASTEX
Fastron GmbH FASTRON
FCI Electronics FCI
FCT Electronics GmbH
FDK Corporation FDK
Fecom Corporation FECOM
Fedco Electronics Incorporated FEDCO
Federal Pacific Transformer Company FED PACIFIC
Federal Screw Works FED SCREW
Federal Signal Corporation FED SIGNAL
Feller GmbH FELLER
Fema Electronics Corporation FEMA
Fenghua Advanced Technology Limited FENGHUA
Fenwal Electronics Incorporated FENWAL
Fermionics Opto Technology FERMIONICS
Ferranti Technologies Limited FERRANTI
Ferronics Incorporated FERRONICS
Ferroxcube International Holding B V FERROXCUBE
Festo AG & Company KG FESTO
Fiberdyne Labs Incorporated FLI
Fibox Oy Ab FIBOX
Fico Incorporated FICO
Filtronic Compound Semiconductors Limited FILTRONIC
Fincitec Oy FINCITEC
Fincor Automation Incorporated FINCOR
Finisar Corporation FINISAR
First Capitol Wire & Cable Incorporated FCWC
First International Computer Incorporated FIC
First Resistor & Condenser Company Limited
Fischer Connectors SA FISCHER CONN
Fixtest Gmbh FIXTEST
Flextronics Components Group FCG
Florida RF Labs Incorporated FLORIDA RF
Fluke Corporation FLUKE
Fortiming Crporation
Fortron/Source Corporation FORTRON
Fortune Semiconductor Corporation FORTUNE
Fotofabrication Corporation FOTOFAB
FOX Electronics Incorporated
FOX Meter Incorporated FOX METER
Foxboro Eckardt GmbH FOXBORO
Foxconn Electronics Incorporated
Framatome Connectors International
Fred V Fowler Company Incorporated FOWLER
Freedom Photonics LLC FREEDOM
Freescale Semiconductor Incorporated FREESCALE
Frequency Management International FMI
FRIWO Gerätebau GmbH FRIWO
Frontier Electronics Company Limited FRONTIER
Frost Magnetics Incorporated FROST
FSP Group Incorporated FSP
FU Chia Metal Casting Co Limited FU CHIA
Fuan Gee Mechanical Industrial Company Limited FUAN GEE
Fuji Electric Device Technology America Inc FUJI ELECTRIC
Fuji Electronics Company Limited FUJI
Fujisoku Corporation FUJISOKU
Fujitsu Limited
Fulcrum Microsystems Incorporated FULCRUM
Functional Devices Incorporated FDI
Furnas Electric Company FURNAS
Furukawa Electric Company Limited FURUKAWA
Furuno Electric Company Limited FURUNO
Futaba Corporation FUTABA
Future Domain Corporation
Future Technologies Devices International Limited FTDI
Fuzetec Technology Company Limited FUZETEC
Fyrestorm Incorporated FYRESTORM
G. General Electro-Components Incorporated G GENERAL
G2 Microsystems Incorporated G2
Gadzoox Networks Incorporated GADZOOX
Gaiser Tool Company GAISER
Galaxy Power Incorporated GALAXY
Galazar Networks Incorporated GALAZAR
Galileo Technology Limited GALILEO
Galvantech Incorporated GALVANTECH
Gardner Bender Incorporated GB
GardTec Incorporated GARDTEC
Garrett Electronics Corporation GARRETT
Garry Electronics GARRY
Gatefield Corporation GATEFIELD
Gates Corporation GATES
Gaynor Electric Company LLC GAYNOR
GC Electronics Incorporated GC ELECT
GC Thorsen Incorporated GC THORSTON
GCi Technologies Incorporated GCI TECH
GCT Semiconductor Incorporated GCT
GEC Plessey Semiconductors GEC PLESSEY
GEI International Incorporated GEI INTL
GEM Electronics GEM
Gemfire Corporation GEMFIRE
Gems Sensors Incorporated GEMS
General Cable Technologies Corporation GEN CABLE
General Devices Company Incorporated GEN DEVICES
General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies SATCOM
General Eastern Instruments GEN EASTERN
General Electric Company GE
General Instrument Corporation GI
General Micro Systems Incorporated GMS
General Photonics Corporation GEN PHOTONICS
General Resistance GEN RESIST
General Semiconductor Incorporated GEN SEMI
General Tools & Instruments Company LLC GEN TOOLS
General Transistor Corporation GTC
General Wire Spring Company GEN WIRE
Genesis Microchip Incorporated GENESIS
Genesys Logic Incorporated GENESYS
Genicom Corporation GENICOM
Gennum Corporation GENNUM
Gentex Corporation GENTEX
Gentner Communications Corporation GENTNER
Gentron Corporation GENTRON
Geo T Schmidt Incorporated GEO T SCHMIDT
GeoVision Incorporated GEOVISION
Gepco International Incorporated GEPCO
Germanium Power Devices Corporation GERMANIUM
Gesipa Fasteners USA Incorporated
GET Engineering Corporation GET
GHz Technology Incorporated GHZ TECH
Giga-Tronics Incorporated GIGA-TRONICS
Gilbert Engineering Company Incorporated GILBERT
Gilbert Manufacturing Company Incorporated
Gilway Technical Lamp GILWAY
Glenair Incorporated GLENAIR
G-Link Technology Corporation G-LINK
Global Battery Company Limited GLOBAL BATTERY
Global Communication Devices Incorporated GCD
Global Opticom Incorporated GLOBAL OPTI
Globaltech Semiconductor Company Limited GS
Globe Motors Incorporated GLOBE MOTORS
GlobespanVirata Incorporated GLOBESPAN
GlobTek Incorporated GLOBTEK
G-MAG Electronic Components G-MAG
GMT Microelectronics Corporation GMT MICRO
Goal Semiconductor Incorporated GOAL
Goguen Industries Incorporated GOGUEN
GoldenRAM Incorporated
Goldstar Semiconductor Company Limited GOLDSTAR
Gompf Brackets Incorporated GBI
Goodall Rubber Company Incorporated GOODALL
Good-Ark Electronics Company Limited GOOD-ARK
Goodrich Corporation GOODRICH
Gordon Brush Manufacturing Company Incorporated GORDON
Gordos Arkansas Incorporated GORDOS
Gotrend Technology Company Limited GOTREND
Gould Incorporated GOULD
Gowanda Electronics Corporation GOWANDA
GP Batteries International Limited GP
GPD Optoelectronics Corporation GPD
Grace Engineered Products Incorporated GRACE
Gran-Jansen AS GRAN JANS
Grasslin Controls Corporation GRASSLIN
Grayhill Incorporated
Greenlee Textron Incorporated GREENLEE
Greenlite Cable Accessory Corporation GREENLITE
Greenwich Instruments Limited GREENWICH
Groov-Pin Corporation GROOV-PIN
Grupo Condumex CONDUMEX
GSI Technology Incorporated GSI TECH
GTE Corporation GTE CORP
Guardian Electric Manufacturing Company GUARDIAN
Gunze Electronics USA GUNZE
H A Guden Company GUDEN
Hakko Products Pte Limited HAKKO
Hall Company HALL CO
Halo Electronics Incorporated
Hamamatsu Photonics K. K. HAMAMATSU
Hamlin Electronics Europe Limited HAMLIN
Hammond Manufacturing Company Limited HAMMOND MFG
Hammond Power Solutions Incorporated HAMMOND PWR
Hangzhou Silan Wei Electronic Company Limited SILAN
Hantronix Incorporated HANTRONIX
Harbour Industries Incorporated HARBOUR
Harman International Industries HARMAN
Harmonic Incorporated HARMONIC
Harris Semiconductor Incorporated
Hartmann Elektronik GmbH HARTMANN
Hartwell Commercial HARTWELL
Harvatek International Limited HIL
Harwin Plc HARWIN
Hasco Components International Corporation HASCO
Hayes Corporation HAYES
HC Protek HC PRO
HCC Industries Incorporated HCC
HCJ Quartz Pte Limited HCJ
HEC Incorporated HEC
HEI Incorporated HEI
Heinemann Electric Company HEINEMANN
Hekimian Laboratories Incorporated HEKIMIAN
Hella KGaA Hueck & Company HELLA
Hellermann Tyton Corporation HELLERMANN
Hengstler GmbH HENGSTLER
Henschel Corporation HENSCHEL
Heraeus Electro Nite International N V HERAEUS
Herley Industries Incorporated HERLEY
Hermetic Switch Incorporated HERMETIC
Hewlett-Packard Company
Heyco Products Incorporated HEYCO
Hickok Incorporated HICKOK
HIFN Incorporated HIFN
High Bandwidth Access Incorporated HBA
High Energy Corporation HIGH ENERGY
High Voltage Power Systems Incorporated HVPSI
Hind Rectifiers Limited HIND
HiNT Corporation HINT
Hirose Electric Company Limited HIROSE
Hirschmann Automation And Control GmbH HIRSCHMANN
Hitachi Limited
Hitachi Maxell Limited MAXELL
Hitachi Nippon Steel Semiconductor Singapore Limited HNS
Hitano Enterprise Corporation HITANO
HI-TEK Electronics Incorporated HI-TEK
Hitron Technologies Incorporated HI-TRON
Hittite Microwave Corporation HITTITE
Ho Chien Enterprises Company Limited HO CHIEN
Hobbs Corporation HOBBS
Hoei Denki Company Limited HOEI
Hoffman Enclosures Incorporated HOFFMAN
Hokuriku Electric Industry Company Limited HDK
Holland Electronics LLC HOLLAND
Holmberg Electronics Corporation HOLMBERG
Holt Integrated Circuits HOLT
Holtek Semiconductor Incorporated HOLTEK
Honeywell International Incorporated HONEYWELL
Hooray Electronics Company Limited HOORAY
Horn Industrial Company Limited HORN
Hosiden Corporation HOSIDEN
Hosonic Electronic Company Limited HOSONIC
Hoyme Manufacturing Incorporated HOYME
Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works Incorporated HOYT
HTM Electronics Industries Incorporated HTM
Hua Jung Components Company Limited HUA JUNG
Hualon Microelectronics Corporation
Hubbell Incorporated HUBBELL
HUG Electronics HUG
Hughes Network Systems LLC HUGHES
Huntington Electric Incorporated HUNTINGTON
Hurst Manufacturing Corporation HURST
Hutson Industries HUTSON
HV Component Associates HVCA
Hy Cal Sensing Products HY CAL
Hynix Semiconductor Incorporated HYNIX
Hyperlink Technologies Incorporated HYPERLINK
Hyperstone GmbH HYPERSTONE
Hypertronics Corporation HYPERTRONICS
HY-Q International HY-Q
Hyundai Electronics Industries Company Limited HYUNDAI
I/O Interconnect Limited IOI
IBM Corporation
Iboco Corporation IBOCO
IC Designs Incorporated IC DESIGNS
IC Microsystems Sdn Bhd ICMIC
IC Plus Corporation IC PLUS
IC Works Incorporated IC WORKS
ICE Technology Incorporated ICE
Icel Group Limited ICEL
IC-Haus Corporation IC-HAUS
ICM Corporation ICM CORP
ICO Limited ICO
I-Cube Incorporated I-CUBE
Idea Incorporated IDEA
Ideal Industries Incorporated IDEAL
IDEC Corporation IDEC
Idento GmbH IDENTO
IEH Corporation IEH CORP
IET Labs Incorporated IET LABS
IFM Efector Incorporated IFM EFECTOR
IGS Technologies Incorporated IGST
Igus GmbH IGUS
Iiyama Corporation IIYAMA
Ikanos Communications Incorporated IKANOS
Ikegami Tsushinki Company Limited IKEGAMI
Illinois Capacitor Incorporated
Illinois Tool Works Incorporated ITW
ILSCO Corporation ILSCO
ILSI America LLC
IMC Networks Corporation IMC NET
IMO Precision Controls Limited IMO
IMP Incorporated IMP
Impact Semiconductor Technologies LLC IMPACT
Impala Linear Corporation IMPALA
Imsys Technologies AB IMSYS
INA Waelzlager Schaeffler KG INA
INCON Incorporated INCON
Indek Corporation INDEK
Indium Corporation INDIUM
Inductor Supply Incorporated ISI
Industrial Design & Manufacturing IDM
Industrial Devices Corporation IDC
Industrial Electronic Engineers Incorporated IEE
Industrial Fiber Optics Incorporated IFO
Industrial Retaining Rings Corporation IRRC
Industrial Timer Company ITC
Inficon EDC Incorporated INFICON
Infineon Technologies Ag INFINEON
Infinite Technology Corporation Incorporated INFINITE
Infitec Incorporated INFITEC
Information Storage Devices Incorporated ISD
Infrared Industries Incorporated IR INFRA
Initio Corporation INITIO
Injectorall Electronics Corporation INJECTORALL
InNet Technologies Incorporated INNET
Innovasic Semiconductor INNOVASIC
Innovative Microdevices Incorporated IM
Inotera Memories Incorporated INOTERA
Inova Semiconductors Gmbh INOVA
Inovonics Wireless Corporation INOVONICS
Inpaq Technology Company Limited INPAQ
Insultab Incorporated INSULTAB
Intech Incorporated INTECH
Integral Research And Production Corporation INTEGRAL
Integrated Circuit Designs Incorporated ICD
Integrated Circuit Solution Incorporated ICSI
Integrated Circuit Systems Incorporated
Integrated Circuit Technology Corporation ICT
Integrated Device Technology Incorporated IDT
Integrated Logic Systems Incorporated ILSI
Integrated Photomatrix Limited IPL
Integrated Power Design Incorporated IPD
Integrated Silicon Solutions Incorporated
Integrated System Solution Corporation
Integrated Technology Express Incorporated ITE
Integrated Telecom Express Incorporated ITEX
Integration Associates Incorporated INTEGRATION
Intel Corporation
Intellon Corporation INTELLON
Interconnect Devices Incorporated IDI
Interface Incorporated INTERFACE
InterFET Corporation INTERFET
Interlink Electronics Incorporated INTERLINK
Inter-Market Incorporated IMLEC
Intermatic Incorporated INTERMATIC
Intermec Technologies Corporation INTERMEC
International Component Corporation
International Configurations Incorporated ICI
International Devices Incorporated ID
International Electronic Research Corporation IERC
International Electronics Incorporated IEI
International Fiber Systems Incorporated IFS
International Light Technologies Incorporated INT LIGHT
International Manufacturing Services Incorporated IMS INC
International Microcircuits Incorporated
International Power Semiconductor Incorporated IP SEMI
International Rectifier Corporation IR
International Resistive Company Incorporated IRC
International Semiconductor Technology Limited INTL SEMI
International Space Optics SA ISO
Interphase Corporation IPHASE
Interpoint Corporation INTERPOINT
Interpower Corporation INTERPOWER
Interquip Electronics Company Limited INTERQUIP
Intersil Corporation INTERSIL
Interstate Battery System Of America Incorporated INTERSTATE
Interworks Computer Products Incorporated INTERWORKS
Intronics Incorporated INTRONICS
Invox Technology Incorporated INVOX
IN-WIN Development Incorporated IN WIN
INX Incorporated INXI
Iomega Corporation IOMEGA
IQD Frequency Products Limited IQD
Iriso Electronics Company Limited IRISO
ISG Broadband Incorporated ISG
Ishizuka Electronics Corporation SEMITEC
Isocom Components Limited ISOCOM
Isotek Corporation ISOTEK
ISSC Kanson Electronics Incorporated ISSC KANSON
ITT Semiconductor Corporation
Iwatsu Test Instruments Corporation IWATSU
iWatt Incorporated IWATT
Ixys Corporation IXYS
J W Davis & Company JW DAVIS
J W Miller Magnetics Company JW MILLER
Jameco Electronics Limited
James Electronics Incorporated JAMES
James Millen Manufacturing Company Incorporated MILLEN
Jamicon Electronics Corporation JAMICON
Japan Aviation Electronics Industry Limited JAE
Japan Radio Company Limited JRC
Jaro Components Incorporated JARO
JBM Electronics Incorporated JBM
JDS Uniphase Corporation JDSU
Jefferson Electric Incorporated JEFFERSON
Jelight Company Incorporated JELIGHT
Jennings Technology Corporation JENNINGS
Jensen Electronics
Jerrik Incorporated JERRIK
Jervis B Webb Company JERVIS B
Jewell Instruments LLC JEWELL
JITE Connectors Incorporated JITE
JKL Components Corporation JKL
JMAR Semiconductor Incorporated JMAR
JMR Electronics Incorporated JMR
JNI Corporation JNI
Johanson Dielectrics Incorporated JOHANSON
Johnson Components JOHNSON COMP
Johnson Controls Incorporated JOHNSON CTRLS
Johnson Electric Coil Company JOHNSON COIL
Jonard Industries Corporation JONARD
Jordan Industries Incorporated JORDAN
Joslyn Clark Corporation JOSLYN
Joslyn Sunbank Company LLC SUNBANK
JST Manufacturing Company Limited JST
Judco Manufacturing Incorporated JUDCO
Judd Wire Incorporated JUDD WIRE
K Miller Tool & Manufacturing Company Incorporated K MILLER
Kamaya Electric Company Limited KAMAYA
Karman Rubber Company Incorporated KARMAN
Kaschke Components Gmbh KASCHKE
Kaynar Technologies Incorporated KAYNAR
KB Electronics Incorporated KB
KBC Networks Limited KBC
KC Technology Incorporated KC TECH
KCK Ceramics Capacitors Limited KCK CERAMICS
KDI Integrated Products KDI
Kekon Ceramic Capacitors KEKON
KEL Corporation KEL
Keltron Power Devices Limited KELTRON
Kemet Corporation KEMET
Kendin Communications Incorporated KENDIN
Kent Electronics Corporation KENT
Kenwood Corporation KENWOOD
Kepro Circuit Systems Incorporated KEPRO
Kerk Motion Products Incorporated KERK
Kertron Incorporated KERTRON
Kester Incorporated KESTER
Keyence Corporation KEYENCE
Keymat Technology Limited KEYMAT
Keystone Electronics Corporation KEYSTONE
Keystone Thermometrics Corporation KEYSTONE THERMO
KG Technologies Incorporated KG TECH
Kilo International KILO
Kilovac Corporation KILOVAC
Kimball Electronics Group KIMBALL
Kingbright Electric Company Limited KINGBRIGHT
Kings Electronics Company Incorporated KINGS
Kingstate Electronics Corporation KINGSTATE
Kingston Technology Company Incorporated
Kistler Instrumente Ag KISTLER
KLA-Tencor Corporation KLA-TENCOR
Klein Instruments Corporation KLEIN
Klockner Moeller Corporation KLOCKNER
Knopp Incorporated KNOPP
Knowles Electronics LLC KAE
Knox Semiconductor Incorporated KNOX
KOA Speer Electronics Incorporated KOA
Kodenshi Corporation KODENSHI
Kollmorgen Corporation KOLLMORGEN
Kooltronic Incorporated KOOLTRONIC
Korea Electronics Corporation KEC
Kota Microcircuits Incorporated KOTA
KRL Bantry Components Incorporated KRL
Krypton Isolation Incorporated KRYPTON
K-Sun Corporation K-SUN
K-Tronics Incorporated K-TRONICS
Kurman Electric Company KURMAN
Kurz-Kasch Incorporated KURZ-KASCH
Kycon Incorporated KYCON
Kyocera Corporation KYOCERA
Kyocera Elco Corporation KYOCERA ELCO
Kyung IN Electronics Company Limited
Kyushu Dentsu Company Limited KYUSHU
L-3 Communications Corporation L-3
La Radiotechnique Compelec RTC
Laird Technologies Incorporated LAIRD
Lamb Industries Incorporated LAMB
Lambda Electronics Corporation LAMBDA
Lansdale Semiconductor Incorporated LANSDALE
Lansdale Transistor And Electronics Incorporated LTE
Lantronix Incorporated LANTRONIX
Lanwave Technology Incorporated LANWAVE
Lapp USA Incorporated LAPP
Lara Networks Incorporated LARA NTWKS
Lara Technologies Incorporated LARA
Lascar Electronics Limited LASCAR
Lasko Products Incorporated LASKO
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation LATTICE
LAVA Computer Manufacturing Incorporated LAVA
LC Technologies Incorporated
L-Com Incorporated L-COM
LCR Electronics Incorporated LCR
Leach International Corporation LEACH
Leader Electronics Incorporated LEI
Lear Corporation LEAR
Ledex And Dormeyer Products DORMEYER
Ledtech Electronics Company Limited
Ledtronics Incorporated LEDTRONICS
Lee Spring Company LEE SPRING
Leeson Electric Corporation LEESON
Legerity Incorporated LEGERITY
Legrand Electric Limited LEGRAND
Lelon Electronics Corporation LELON
LEM Holding SA LEM
Lenox-Fugle International Incorporated LENOX-FUGLE
Leoco Corporation LEOCO
Level One Communications Incorporated
Leviton Manufacturing Company Incorporated LEVITON
Lewis-Goetz and Company Incorporated LEWIS-GOETZ
Lexar Media Incorporated LEXAR
LG Philips LCD Company Limited LG PHILIPS
LG Semicon Company Limited LG SEMICON
Liberty Electronics Incorporated LIBERTY
Liebert Corporation LIEBERT
Lighting Components And Design Incorporated LC&D
Lightspeed Logic Incorporated LIGHTSPEED
Lin Shiung Enterprise Company Limited LIN SHIUNG
Lindstrom Precision Tools LINDSTROM
Line Electric Company LINE
Lineage Power Corporation LINEAGE
Linear Dimensions Incorporated LINEAR DIM
Linear Technology Corporation LINEAR TECH
Linemaster Switch Corporation LINEMASTER
Linet Oy LINET
Linfinity Microelectronics Incorporated LINFINITY
LinkCom Manufacturing Company Limited LINKCOM
Linrose Electronics Incorporated LINROSE
Linx Technologies Incorporated LINX TECH
Lite-On Semiconductor Corporation LITEON
Lithonia Lighting Incorporated LITHONIA
Liton Lighting LITON
Littelfuse Incorporated LITTELFUSE
Litton Corporation LITTON
LKG Industries Incorporated LKG
LMB Heeger Incorporated HEEGER
LMI Components Incorporated LMI
LND Incorporated LND
Lockheed Martin Corporation LOCKHEED
Logic Controls Incorporated LOGIC CTRLS
Logical Devices Incorporated LOGICAL DEVICES
Logical Systems Incorporated LOGICAL SYSTEMS
Logitech Incorporated LOGITECH
Logus Manufacturing Corporation LOGUS
Lord Corporation CORP
Lorlin Electronics Limited LORLIN
Louroe Electronics Corporation LOUROE
Loyal Machinery & Electronic Company Limited
LSI Computer Systems Incorporated LSI/CSI
LSI Corporation LSI
LTA/D-Cemco Incorporated LTA/D
LTH Electronics Limited LTH
Lucent Technologies Incorporated LUCENT
Lucky Light Electronics Company Limited LLE
Lumberg Holding GmbH & Company KG
Lumex Incorporated LUMEX
Luminary Micro Incorporated LUMINARY
Luminent Incorporated LUMINENT
Luminos Industries Limited LUMINOS
Lyn-Tron Incorporated LYN-TRON
Lyontek Incorporated LYONTEK
LZR Electronics Incorporated LZR
M & W Electric Manufacturing Company LLC M & W
M.H. Rhodes/Cramer Company RHODES/CRAMER
M/A-Com Incorporated M/A-COM
MAC Panel Company
Machlett Laboratories Incorporated MACHLETT
Macroblock Incorporated MBLOCK
Macromatic Industrial Controls Incorporated MACROMATIC
Macronix International Company Limited
MAG Giddings & Lewis Incorporated MAG G&L
MAG Technology Company Limited MAG
MAG.Layers Scientific-Technics Company Limited MAG LAYERS
Magna Frequency Components Limited MAGNA FREQ
Magna-Lastic Devices Incorporated MDI
Magnatrol Valve Corporation MAGNATROL
Magnecraft Incorporated MAGNECRAFT
Magnelab Incorporated MAGNELAB
Magnetek Incorporated MAGNETEK
Magnetika Incorporated MAGNETIKA
Magnet-Schultz GmbH & Company KG MAGNET-SCHULTZ
Magnum Semiconductor Incorporated MAGNUM
Magpower Systems Incorporated MAGPOWER
Magtrol Incorporated MAGTROL
Maida Development Company Maida Development Company Maida Development Company MAIDA
Major League Electronics LLC MLE
Maker Communications Incorporated MAKERCOMM
Manning Holoff Company MAGNA-LITE
Mantis Robotics Corporation MANTIS
Maple Systems Incorporated MAPLE
Marathon Special Products MARATHON
Marc Enterprises MARC
Marcon Electronics Company Limited MARCON
Marconi Applied Technologies Limited MARCONI
Marinco Electrical Group MARINCO
Mark-10 Corporation MARK-10
Marki Microwave Incorporated MARKI
Marktech Optoelectronics Incorporated MARKTECH
Marl International Limited MARL
Marquardt GmbH MARQUARDT
Marshall Electronics Incorporated MARSHALL
Martek Power Incorporated MATREK
Maruwa Company Limited MARUWA
Marvell Technology Group Limited MARVELL
Matrox Electronic Systems Limited MATROX
Matsuo Electric Company Limited MATSUO
Matsushita Electric Industrial Company Limited MATSUSHITA
Maurey Instruments Corporation MAUREY
Maury Microwave Corporation MAURY MICRO
MaxConn International Company Limited MAXCONN
Maxim Integrated Products Incorporated MAXIM
Maxrad Incorporated MAXRAD
Maxwell Technologies Incorporated MTI
McGill Electrical Products Group MCGILL
MCI Transformer Corporation MCI
MDE Semiconductor Incorporated MDE
Mean Well Enterprises Company Limited MEAN WELL
Measurement Technology Limited MTL
Mechanical Products Company Incorporated MECH PROD
Mechatronics Incorporated MECHATRONICS
Meder Electronic Incorporated MEDER
Mega Electronics Incorporated MEGA
Megger Limited MEGGER
Melcher Incorporated MELCHER
Melexis Microelectronic Systems MELEXIS
Mellanox Technologies Limited MELLANOX
Memcor Incorporated MEMCOR
Memory Protection Devices Incorporated
Mepcopal Company MEPCOPAL
Mercotac Incorporated MERCOTAC
Mercury Computer Systems Incorporated MERCURY COMP
Mercury United Electronics Incorporated MERCURY UNITED
Meritec Incorporated MERITEC
Meritek Electronic Corporation MERITEK
Merlin Gerin Ales S.A.S. MERLIN GERIN
Metalink Limited METALINK
Metelics Corporation METELICS
Meterman Test Tools METERMAN
Metermaster NZ Limited METERMASTER
Methode Electronics Incorporated METHODE
Metuchen Capacitors Incorporated METUCHEN
MF Electronics Corporation MF ELECT
MG Electronics MG ELECT
MGR Industries Incorporated MGR
Mica Microwave Corporation MICA
Micrel Semiconductor Incorporated
Micro Accessories Incorporated MICRO ACCESS
Micro Commercial Components Corporation MCC
Micro Crystal AG MICRO XTAL
Micro Electronic Instruments Incorporated MEI
Micro Electronics Limited MICROELECT
Micro Lamps Incorporated MICRO LAMPS
Micro Linear Corporation MICRO LINEAR
Micro Networks MICRO NETWKS
Micro Plastics Incorporated MICRO PLASTICS
Micro Quality Semiconductor Incorporated MICRO QUALITY
Microchip Technology Incorporated MICROCHIP
Microdot Connectors MICRODOT
Microdyne Corporation MCTI
microEngineering Labs Incorporated ME LABS
Micromega Corporation MICROMEGA
Micrometals Incorporated MICROMETALS
MicroMetrics Incorporated MICROMETRICS
Micron Industries Corporation
Micron Technology Incorporated MICRON
Micronas Semiconductor Holding AG MICRONAS
Micronet Technology Incorporated MICRONET
Micronetics Incorporated MICRONETICS
Micronics Japan Company Limited MICRONICS
Micronix Integrated Systems Incorporated MICRONIX
Micropac Industries Incorporated MICROPAC
Micropower Direct LLC MICROPOWER
Microsemi Corporation MICROSEMI
Micro-Star International Company Limited MICRO-STAR
Microtek Electronics Incorporated MICROTEK
Microtips Technology Incorporated MICROTIPS
Microtran Company Incorporated MICROTRAN
Microtune Incorporated MICROTUNE
Microware Systems Corporation MICROWARE
Microwave Circuits Incorporated MICRO CIRCUITS
Microwave Components Incorporated MICRO COMP
Microwave Device Technology Corporation MICRO DEVICE
MicroWave Technology Incorporated MWT
Midcom Incorporated
Midwest Microwave Incorporated MIDWEST
Mier Products Incorporated MIER
Mil Spec Fasteners Corporation MIL-SPEC
Milbank Manufacturing Company MILBANK
Mill-Max Manufacturing Corporation MILL-MAX
Mimix Broadband Incorporated MIMIX
Minco Technology Labs Incorporated MINCO
Mindspeed Technologies Incorporated MINDSPEED
Minebea Company Limited MINEBEA
Mingstar Electronic Corporation MINGSTAR
Mini-Circuits Incorporated
Mini-Systems Incorporated MINI-SYS
Minitool Incorporated MINITOOL
Missiles & Space Batteries Limited MSB
Mitel Networks Corporation MITEL
Miteq Incorporated MITEQ
Mitsubishi Electric Semiconductor Group
Mitsumi Electric Company Limited MITSUMI
Mitutoyo Corporation MITUTOYO
Mixed Signal Integration MIXEDSIG
MKT Taisei Company Limited TAISEI
MMC Electronics Limited MMC
MMC Networks Incorporated MMC NETWK
MMD Components Incorporated MMD
Mode Electronics Limited MODE
Moeller GmbH MOELLER
Molex Incorporated MOLEX
Monadnock Company MONADNOCK
Monarchal Electronics Company Limited MONARCHAL
Monolithic Memories Incorporated
Monolithic Power Systems Incorporated MPS
Monolithic Systems Technology Incorporated MOSYS
Moody Tools Incorporated MOODY
Morgan Technical Ceramics MTC
MOS Technology Incorporated MOS TECHNOLOGY
Mosaic Semiconductor Incorporated MOSAIC
MOSAID Technologies Incorporated MOSAID
MosChip Semiconductor Technology Limited MOSCHIP
Mosel Vitelic Corporation
MOSPEC Semiconductor Corporation MOSPEC
Motia Incorporated MOTIA
Motor Capacitors Incorporated MOTOR
Mountz Incorporated MOUNTZ
M-Pulse Microwave Incorporated M-PULSE
MRL Industries Incorporated Mrl Industries Incorporated MRL
MRV Communications Incorporated MRV
MS Kennedy Corporation MSK
M-Systems Limited M-SYSTEMS
MTE Corporation MTE CORP
Mueller Electric Company Incorporated MUELLER
Multilink Technology Corporation MULTILINK TECH
MultiProducts Company Incorporated MPC
Multi-Tech Systems Incorporated MULTILINK
Murata Manufacturing Company Limited MURATA
Murrelektronik GmbH MURRELEKTRONIK
Music Semiconductors Incorporated MUSIC
MuxLab Incorporated MUXLAB
MW Industries Incorporated MW
M-Wave Incorporated MWAVE
Mylex Corporation MYLEX
MynTahl Corporation MYNTAHL
myonic GmbH MYONIC
Myson Century Incorporated MYSON
Naina Semiconductor Limited NAINA
Nakamura Manufacturing Company Limited KANON
Namco Controls Corporation NAMCO
NanoAmp Solutions Incorporated NA SOLUTIONS
Nanonics Imaging Limited NANONICS
Nantong Jianghai Capacitor Company Limited JIANGHAI
Nanya Technology Corporation NANYA
Narda Microwave - East NARDA
National Capacitor
National Controls Corporation NATIONAL CONTROLS
National Northeast Corporation NATIONAL NE
National Resistors NR
National Transistor Corporation NTC
NCR Corporation
NEC Electronics Corporation NEC
Needhams Electronics Incorporated NE
NEL Frequency Controls Incorporated NEL
Neltron Industrial Company Limited
Nematron Europe Limited NEMATRON
Nemco Electronics Corporation NEMCO
Neohm Componenti Srl NEOHM
Neolinear Incorporated NEOLINEAR
NeoMagic Corporation NEOMAGIC
NeoPhotonics Corporation NEOPHOTONICS
NetChip Technology Incorporated NETCHIP
NetEffect Incorporated NETEFFECT
Netgear Incorporated NETGEAR
Netlogic Microsystems Incorporated NETLOGIC
NETsilicon Incorporated NETSILICON
Network Elements Incorporated NEI
Nevada Western International Private Limited NEVADA WESTERN
New England Miniature Ball Incorporated NEMB
New England Semiconductor Corporation NES
NEW Era Electronics Incorporated NEE
New Japan Radio Company Limited NEW JRC
Newport Corporation NEWPORT
Nexabit Networks Incorporated NEXABIT
NexFlash Technologies Incorporated NEXFLASH
Nextek Incorporated NEXTEK
NHC Communications Incorporated NHC COMM
NIC Components Corporation NIC
Nichicon Corporation
Nichifu Terminal Industries Company Limited NICHIFU
Nidec Copal Electronics Corporation COPAL
Nidec Corporation NIDEC
Nidec Power General Corporation NIDEC POWER
Nidec Servo Corporation NIDEC SERVO
Nihon Dempa Kogyo Company Limited
Nihon Inter Electronics Corporation NIHON
Ningbo East Electronics Limited NINGBO
Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation
Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corporation NTT
Nissei Corporation NISSEI
Nissei-Arcotronics America Incorporated ARCOTRONICS
NJR Corporation NJR
NKK Micro Devices Incorporated NKK MICRO
NKK Switches Incorporated NKK
NMB Semiconductor Company Limited NMBS
NMB Technologies Corporation NMB
Noble U S A Incorporated NOBEL
Noble USA Incorporated NOBLE
Nokia Corporation NOKIA
Non-Linear Systems NLS
Nordex Incorporated NORDEX
Nordic Semiconductor Incorporated NORDIC
Noritake Company Incorporated NORITAKE
Nortel Networks Corporation NORTEL
North American Capacitor Company NACC
North Star Research Corporation NORTH STAR
Northern Technologies Corporation NORTHERN TECH
Norwe GmbH NORWE
Novalog Incorporated NOVALOG
Novatek Microelectronics Corp Limited NOVATEK
Novosibirsk Semiconductor Device Plant NOVOSIBIRSK
NSK Limited NSK
NTE Electronics Incorporated NTE
Number Nine Visual Technology Corporation NUMBER9
Nurad Technologies Incorporated NURAD
Nuvoton Technology Corporation NUVOTON
NVE Corporation NVE
NX Networks Incorporated NX
NXP Semiconductors BV NXP
Nylok Corporation NYLOK
O2Micro International Limited O2 MICRO
OAK Frequency Controls OFC
Oak Industries Incorporated OAK IND
Oak Technology Incorporated OAK
OakGrigsby Incorporated OAKGRIGSBY
Oasis Semiconductor Incorporated OASIS
Octasic Incorporated OCTASIC
Ocular LCD Incorporated OCULAR
ODU USA Incorporated ODU
Ogden Manufacturing Company OMC
Ohio Nut And Bolt Company OHIO NUT
Ohizumi Mfg Company Limited OHIZUMI
Ohmcraft OHM
Ohmite Manufacturing Company
Ohmtek Incorporated OHMTEK
OK Industries OK IND
Okaya Electric Industries Company Limited OKAYA
OKI Electric Industry Company Limited
OKW Gehäusesysteme Gmbh OKW
Olflex Wire & Cable OLFLEX
Olivetti S.p.A. OLIVETTI
Olympia Group Incorporated OLYMPIA
Olympus Image Systems Incorporated OISI
Omega Engineering Incorporated OEI
Omnetics Connector Corporation OMNETICS
Omnivision Technologies Incorporated OMNIVISION
OMRON Corporation OMRON
ON Semiconductor Corporation ON SEMI
OnChip Devices Incorporated ONCHIP
One Stop Systems Incorporated ONE STOP
OneAC Corporation ONEAC
Onix Microsystems Incorporated ONIX
Onset Computer Corporation ONSET
On-Shore Technology Incorporated
Oplink Communications Incorporated OPLINK
Oplus Technologies Incorporated OPLUS
Opnext Incorporated OPNEXT
Optek Technology Incorporated OPTEK
Opti Technologies Incorporated
Optical Cable Corporation OCCFIBER
Optical Communications Products Incorporated OCP
OPTIMA Batteries Incorporated OPTIMA
Opto 22 Incorporated OPTO 22
Opto Diode Corporation OPTO DIODE
Optrex Corporation
ORA Electronics Incorporated ORA
Orbit Semiconductor Incorporated ORBIT
Oregon Micro Systems Incorporated OMS
Oren Semiconductor Limited OREN
Orient Display Company Limited ORIENT DISPLAY
Oriental Motor Company Limited ORIENTAL MOTOR
Orion Electronics Limited ORION
Oscillatek Corporation OSCILLATEK
Oshino Lamps GmbH OLG
OSI Optoelectronics OSI
OSICOM Tecnologies Incorporated OSICOM
Oslo Switch Incorporated OSLO SWITCH
OTEK Corporation OTEK
OTTO Engineering Incorporated OTTO
Oupiin Enterprise Company Limited OUPIIN
Oxford Semiconductor Limited OXFORD
Paccom Electronics PACCOM
PACE Incorporated PACE
Pacific Electricord Company PAC ELECTRICORD
Pacific Monolithics Incorporated PAC MONO
Pacific Precision Laboratories Incorporated PPLI
Pacific Resistor Company PACIFIC RESISTOR
Pacific Scientific PAC SCIENTIFIC
Pacific Wireless Manufacturing Incorporated PAC WIRELESS
Packard Hughes Interconnect PHI
PacTec Enclosures PACTEC
Palco Connector Incorporated PALCO
Panasonic Electric Works Company Limited PANASONIC
PanaVise Products Incorporated PANAVISE
Panduit Corporation PANDUIT
Panel Components Corporation PANEL COMP
PanJit International Incorporated PANJIT
Para Light Electronics Company Limited PARA LIGHT
Paradigm Technology Incorporated PARADIGM
Paragon Electric Company Incorporated PARAGON
Parallax Incorporated PARALLAX
Parker-Hannifin Corporation PARKER-HANN
Parlex Corporation PARLEX
Pass & Seymour/Legrand P&S
Pasternack Enterprises Incorporated PASTERNACK
Patco Electronics Incorporated PATCO
Payne Engineering Company PAYNE
PC Boards Incorporated PC BOARDS
PCA Electronics Incorporated PCA
PCD Incorporated PCD
PCTEL Incorporated PCTEL
Pelco Incorporated PELCO
Peninsula Components Incorporated PENCOM
Penn Compression Molding Incorporated PENN
Penn Engineering & Manufacturing Corporation PEM
Pentair Incorporated PENTAIR
Pentax Imaging Company PENTAX
PEP Modular Computers PEPMC
Pepperl+Fuchs GmbH PEPPERL+FUCHS
Peregrine Semiconductor Corporation PEREGRINE
Performance Motion Devices Incorporated PMD
Performance Semiconductor Corporation PERFORMANCE
Pericom Semiconductor Corporation PERICOM
PerkinElmer Incorporated PKI
Perle Systems Limited PERLE
Peter Paul Electronics Company Incorporated PETER PAUL
PhaseLink Corporation PHASELINK
PHD Incorporated PHD
Phelps Dodge Industries Incorporated PHELPS DODGE
Phihong Technology Company Limited PHIHONG
Philips Lumileds Lighting Company LUMILEDS
Philips Semiconductor Incorporated PHILIPS SEMI
Phillips Advance Control Company PHILLIPS ADVANCE
Phoenix Contact GmbH & Company KG
Phoenix Display International Incorporated PHOENIX
Phoenix Electric Manufacturing Company PHOENIX ELECT
Photobit Corporation PHOTOBIT
Photon Technology Company Limited PHOTON
Photonic Detectors Incorporated PHOTONIC DET
Phycomp Holding B. V. PHYCOMP
Phylon Communications Incorporated PHYLON
PIC Wire & Cable PIC WIRE
Picker Components PICKER
Pico Electronics Incorporated PICO
Pico Technology Limited PICO TECH
Piconics Incorporated PICONICS
Piher International Corporation
Pijnenburg Beheer NV PIJNENBURG
Pilkor Electronics Company Limited PILKOR
Pilz GmbH & Company KG PILZ
Pineapple Technology Incorporated PTI
Pinnacle Systems Incorporated PINNACLE
Pioneer Micro Technology Corporation PIONEER MTC
Pirelli & C S P A PIRELLI
Pittway Corporation PITTWAY
Pixelworks Incorporated PIXELWORKS
Plasmetex Industries Incorporated PLASMETEX
Plasmon Plc PLASMON
Plastic Capacitors Incorporated PLASTIC CAPACITORS
Plastic Process Equipment Incorporated PPE
Plast-O-Matic Valves Incorporated PLAST-O-MATIC
Plato Networks Incorporated PLATO
Plessey Semiconductors Limited PLESSEY
Pletronics Incorporated
PLX Technology Incorporated
PNY Technologies Incorporated PNY
Polar Vision Incorporated POLAR VISION
Polytron Devices Incorporated POLYTRON
Polytronix Incorporated POLYTRONIX
Pomona Electronics Incorporated POMONA
Poppy Components POPPY
Positronic Industries Incorporated POSITRONIC
Potentia Semiconductor Corporation POTENTIA
Potter & Brumfield Incorporated P&B
Potter Electric Signal Company LLC POTTER
PowDec Technologies Incorporated POWDEC
Power Dynamics Incorporated PWR DYNAMICS
Power Integrations Incorporated POWERINT
Power Mate Technology Company Limited POWER MATE
Power One Incorporated POWER ONE
Power Solutions Incorporated POWER SOLUTIONS
Power Trends Incorporated
Powerchip Semiconductor Corporation PSC
Powerex Incorporated POWEREX
PowerGuard Corporation POWERGUARD
PowerSmart Incorporated POWERSMART
Power-Sonic Corporation POWER-SONIC
PowerVolt Incorporated POWERVOLT
PPC Products Corporation PPC
Practical Peripherals Incorporated PPI
PrairieComm Incorporated PRAIRIE
Preci-Dip Durtal SA PRECI-DIP
Precision Brand Products Incorporated PBP
Precision Devices Incorporated PDI
Precision Electronic Components Limited PRECISION ELECTRONICS
Precision Electronic Hardware Incorporated PREC HDWARE
Precision Incorporated PRECISION INC
Precision Industrial Components LLC PIC DESIGN
Precision Optics Corporation Incorporated PREO
Precision Resistive Products Incorporated PRPINC
Precision Timer Company Incorporated PRECISION TIMER
Preco Incorporated PRECO
Preh GmbH PREH
Prem Magnetics Incorporated
PREMA Semiconductor GmbH PREMA
Premier Devices Incorporated
Premier Magnetics Incorporated PREMIER MAGNETICS
Premier Metal Products Company PREMIER METAL
Presidio Components Incorporated PRESIDIO
Prestolite Electric Incorporated PRESTOLITE
Primarion Corporation PRIMARION
Prime Technology LLC PRIME TECH
Princeton Technology Corporation PRINCETON
Process Electronics Corporation PEC
Procom Technology Incorporated PROCOM
Prodelin Corporation PRODELIN
Products Engineering Corporation PEC TOOLS
Profec Technologies Oy PROFEC
Profichip GmbH PROFICHIP
Progressive Electronics Incorporated PROGRESSIVE ELECT
Progressive Source International Incorporated PSI CABLE
Projects Unlimited Incorporated PROJECTS UNLTD
Prolific Technology Incorporated PROLIFIC
Prominet Corporation PROMINET
Promise Technology Incorporated PROMISE
Promptus Electronic Hardware Incorporated PROMTUS
Prosperity Dielectrics Company Limited PROSPERITY
Prostat Corporation PROSTAT
Protek Devices LP PROTEK
Proteon Incorporated PROTEON
Provigent Incorporated PROVIGENT
Proxim Wireless Corporation PROXIM
PSM International Limited PSM
P-Tec Corporation P-TEC
PTR Messtechnik GmbH & Company KG PTR CONNEX
PubliCARD Incorporated PUBLICARD
PULNiX Sensors Incorporated PULNIX
Pulsar Microwave Corporation PULSAR
Pulse Engineering Incorporated PULSE
Pulsotronic GmbH & Company KG PULSOTRONIC
Purcell Technologies Incorporated PURCELL
Purdy Electronics Corporation PURDY
Pylon Electronics Incorporated PYLON
Pyramid Semiconductor Corporation PYRAMID SEMICONDUCTOR
QA Technology Company Incorporated QA
Qlogic Corporation QLOGIC
QP Labs Incorporated QP LABS
QP Semiconductor Incorporated QP SEMI
QRP Gloves Incorporated QRP
QRS Electronica Srl QRS
QSound Labs Incorporated QSOUND
QT Optoelectronics Incorporated QT OPTO
Q-Tech Corporation Q-TECH
Quabbin Wire & Cable Company Incorporated QUABBIN
Quadrangle Products Incorporated QUADRANGLE
Quadravox Incorporated QUADRAVOX
Quail Electronics Incorporated QUAIL
Quake Technologies Incorporated QUAKE
Qualcomm Incorporated QUALCOMM
Quality Screw & Nut Company QSN
Quality Semiconductor Incorporated QSI
Quality Thermistor Incorporated QTI
Qualtek Electronics Corporation QUALTEK
Quam-Nichols Company QUAM
Quantum Effect Devices Incorporated QUANTUM
Quantum Research Group Limited QRG
Quarton Incorporated QUARTON
Quest Technology International Incorporated QUEST
QuickLogic Corporation QLC
QVS Incorporated QVS
R&E International Incorporated R&E
R.V.R. Elettronica SRL RVR
RAB Electric Manufacturing Company Incorporated Rab Electric Manufacturing Company Incorporated RAB
Rabbit Semiconductor Incorporated RABBIT
Racal-Datacom Incorporated RACAL-DATACOM
Rack Technologies Pty Limited RACK TECH
Raco Elektro-Maschinen GmbH RACO
Radio Components Corporation RCC
Radio Design Labs Incorporated RDL
Radioshack Corporation RADIOSHACK
RadiSys Corporation RADISYS
RAF Electronic Hardware Incorporated RAF
RAFI GmbH & Company KG RAFI
Raidtec Corporation RAIDTEC
Rakon Limited RAKON
Ralec Electronic Corporation RALEC
Raltron Electronics Corporation RALTRON
RAM Products Incorporated RAM
Ramtron International Corporation RAMTRON
Raychem Corporation RAYCHEM
Raycon Technology Incorporated RAYCON
Rayming Corporation RAYMING
Rayovac Company RAYOVAC
Raytek Corporation RAYTEK
Raytheon Company RAYTHEON
Raza Microelectronics Incorporated RAZA
RBM Wound Components Limited RBM
RCD Components Incorporated RCD
RDI Incorporated RDI
Realtek Semiconductor Corporation REALTEK
Rectron Semiconductor Incorporated RECTRON
Red Lion Controls Incorporated RED LION
Redington Counters Incorporated REDINGTON
Reed Devices Incorporated REED
Reflex Photonics Incorporated REFLEX
Regal Electronics Incorporated REGAL
Regent Controls Incorporated REGENT
Relay And Control Corporation RELAY AND CONTROL
Relay Service Company RSC
Reliability Incorporated RI
Reliance Electric Company RELIANCE
Renaissance Electronics Corporation RENAISSANCE
Renco Electronics Incorporated RENCO
Rendition Incorporated RENDITION
Renesas Technology Corporation RENESAS
Renfrew Electric Company Limited RENFREW
Republic Fastener Manufacturing Corporation REPUBLIC
Research Electronics International LLC REI
Resonext Communications Incorporated RESONEXT
Revere Industries LLC REVERE IND
RF Castle Electronics Company Limited RF CASTLE
RF Connectors Incorporated RF CONNECT
RF Digital Corporation RF DIGITAL
RF Electronics Incorporated RF ELECT
RF Industries Incorporated RFI
RF Micro Devices Incorporated RF MICRO
RF Monolithics Incorporated RFM
RF Nitro Communications Incorporated RF NITRO
RF Power Components Incorporated RF POWER
RF Prime Corporation RF PRIME
RF Solutions Limited RF SOLUTIONS
RFE International Incorporated RFE
RFI Corporation RFI CORP
RFWaves Limited RFWAVES
Rhombus Industries Incorporated RHOMBUS
RIA Connect Incorporated RIA
Richco Incorporated RICHCO
Richtek Technology Corporation RICHTEK
Ricoh Electronic Devices Company RICOH
Riedon Incorporated RIEDON
Ripley Company RIPLEY
Rise Technology Company RISE
Rittal GmbH & Company KG RITTAL
River Electronics Pte Ltd (Singapore) RIVER
RK Electronics Incorporated RK
RMB Miniature Bearings Incorporated RMB
RMF Products Incorporated RMF
RMT Limited RMT
RO Associates Incorporated RO
Robert G Allen Company Incorporated RGA
Robertshaw Industrial Products ROBERTSHAW
Robinson Nugent Incorporated ROBINSON
Robison Electronics Incorporated ROBISON
Robohand Incorporated ROBOHAND
Robroy Industries Incorporated ROBROY
Rockwell Semiconductor Systems Incorporated ROCKWELL
Rodan (Taiwan) Limited RODAN
Rodix Incorporated RODIX
Rodon Joint-Stock Company RODON
Roederstein Electronics Corporation ROEDERSTEIN
Rogers Corporation ROGERS
Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Company KG ROHDE&SCHWARZ
Rohm Company Limited ROHM
Rokonet Industries USA Incorporated ROKONET
Rosan Incorporated ROSAN
Rose + Bopla Enclosures ROSE+BOPLA
Rosenberger Hochfrequenztechnik GmbH & Company KG ROSENBERGER
Rotor Clip Company Incorporated ROTOR CLIP
Rowe Industries Incorporated ROWE
Roxtec International AB ROXTEC
Royal Electric Incorporated ROYAL WIRE
RSG Electronic Components GmbH RSG
RTI Electronics Incorporated RTI
Rubadue Wire Company Incorporated RUBADUE
Rubycon Corporation RUBYCON
Rudolf Schadow GmbH SCHADOW
Russell Industries Incorporated RUSSELL
RXD Technologies LLC RXD
Rydon Technology Limited RYDON
S.I. Tech Incorporated SI TECH
S3 Graphics Company Limited S3G
Sabritec Incorporated SABRITEC
SAE Power Incorporated SAE
Saft Groupe SA SAFT
Saftronics Incorporated SAFTRONICS
Sage Incorporated SAGE
Saginaw Control & Engineering Incorporated SAGINAW
Saia-Burgess Incorporated SAIA BURGESS
Saifun Semiconductors Limited SAIFUN
SamHop Microelectronics Corporation SAMHOP
Samlex Electric Company Limited SAMLEX
Sampo Semiconductor Corporation SAMPO
Samsung Electronics Company Limited SAMSUNG
Samtec Incorporated SAMTEC
Samtel Group SAMTEL
Samwha Electric Company Limited SAMWHA
Sandburst Corporation SANDBURST
SandCraft Incorporated SANDCRAFT
SanDisk Corporation SANDISK
Sang Jing Electronics Company Limited SJE
Sangamo Limited SANGAMO
Sanken Electronic Company Limited SANKEN
Sankosha Corporation SANKOSHA
San-O Industrial Corporation SAN-O
SanRex Corporation SANREX
Santronics Incorporated SANTRONICS
Sanyo Denki Company Limited SANYO DENKI
Sanyo Electric Company Limited SANYO
Sanyo Semiconductor Limited SANYO SEMICONDUCTOR
Sanyu Electric Incorporated SANYU
Sargent-Welch Scientific Company SW
SaRonix-eCERA Corporation SARONIX
Savcor Products Pty Limited SAVCOR
Sawtek Incorporated SAWTEK
SBE Incorporated SBE
ScanLogic Corporation SCANLOGIC
Scanning Devices Incorporated SCANNING DEVICES
Scenix Semiconductor Incorporated SCENIX
Sceptre Incorporated SCEPTRE
Schlegel Electronic Materials Incorporated SEM
Schlemmer GmbH SCHLEMMER
Schott North America, Incorporated SCHOTT
Schurter Electronic Components SHURTER
Scientific Atlanta Incorporated SCIENTIFIC ATLANTA
Scientific Technologies Incorporated STI
Sci-Worx GmbH SCI-WORX
SDP Components Incorporated SDP
Seagate Technology LLC SEAGATE
Seeq Technology Incorporated SEEQ
Seiko Epson Corporation SEIKO
Seiko Instruments Incorporated SII
Seiko NPC Corporation SEIKO NPC
Seikoh Giken SEIKOH
Semelab Plc SEMELAB
Semicoa Semiconductors Incorporated SEMICOA
Semiconductor Circuits Incorporated SEMICONDUCTOR CIRCUITS
SemiConductor Devices SCD
Semiconductor Packaging Materials Inc SPM
Semiconductor Technology Incorporated SEMI TECH
Semikron Incorporated SEMIKRON
Semitron Industries Limited SEMITRON
Semitronics Corporation SEMITRONICS
Semiwell Semiconductor Company Limited SEMIWELL
Semtech Corporation SEMTECH
Sensata Technologies Incorporated SENSATA
Sensirion Ag
Sensitron Semiconductor SENSITRON
Sentinel Connector Systems Incorporated SENTINEL
Sertech Laboratories, Incorporated SERTECH
SGS-Thomson Microelectronics SGS
Shanghai Comtec Semiconductor Company Limited SCSC
Sharp Electronics Corporation SHARP
Shenzhen Original Electric Company Limited OEG
Shenzhen Sunmoon Microeletronics Company Limited SM MICRO
Shinano Kenshi Company Limited SHINANO
Shindengen Electric Manufacturing Company Limited
SiberCore Technologies Incorporated SIBERCORE
Sican Microelectronics Corporation SICAN
SiCom Incorporated SICOM
Siemens Microelectronics Incorporated
Sierra Incorporated SIERRA INCORORATED
Sierra Midwest Incorporated SIERRA MIDWEST
Sierra Semiconductor Corporation
SiGe Semiconductor Incorporated SIGE
Sigmatel Incorporated SIGMATEL
Sigmund Cohn Corporation SIGMUND COHN
Signal Processing Technologies Incorporated SIGNAL
Signal Technology Corporation SIGNAL TECH
Signal Transformer Company Incorporated SIGNAL TRANS
Signetics High Technology Incorporated
SIIG Incorporated SIIG
Silicon Composers Incorporated SI COMPOSERS
Silicon Detector Corporation SDC
Silicon General Incorporated SI GEN
Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation SIS
Silicon Laboratories Incorporated SILICON LABS INC
Silicon Magic Incorporated SILICON MAGIC
Silicon Motion Technology Corporation SI MOTION
Silicon Star International Incorporated SI STAR
Silicon Storage Technology Incorporated SST
Silicon Systems Incorporated
Silicon Touch Technology Incorporated SI TOUCH
Silicon Transistor Corporation SI TRAN
Silicon Wave Incorporated SI WAVE
Silicon7 Incorporated SILICON7
Siliconians Incorporated SILICONIANS
Siliconix Incorporated SILICONIX
Simtek Corporation SIMTEK
Sipex Corporation SIPEX
SiQuest Incorporated SIQUEST
Sirenza Microdevices Incorporated SURENZA
SiRF Technology Holdings Incorporated SIRF
Sitronics Information Technologies QVAZAR
Siward Crystal Technology Company Limited SIWARD
Skywell Technology Incorporated SKYWELL
Skyworks Solutions Incorporated SKYWORKS
SloanLED Company SLOAN
SMC Networks Incorporated SMC NETWORKS
SMEC Incorporated SMEC
SMK Corporation SMK
S-MOS Systems Incorporated S-MOS
Soapstone Networks Incorporated SOAPSTONE
SOC Corporation SOC
Solbourne Computer Incorporated SOLBOURNE
Solid State Devices Incorporated SSDI
Solid State Micro Technology For Music Incorporated SSM
Solid State Optronics Incorporated SS OPTRON
Solid State Scientific Incorporated SS SCI
Solid State Systems Company Limited SS SYSTEM
Solitron Devices Incorporated SOLITRON
Solomon Systech Limited SOL-SYS
Song Chuan Precision Company Limited SONG CHUAN
Sony Electronics Incorporated
Soshin Electric Company Limited SOSHIN
South African Micro-Electronic Systems (Pty) Limited SAMES
Southland Micro Systems Incorporated SOUTHLAND
Southwest Microwave, Incorporated SOUTHWEST MICROWAVE
Southwire Company SOUTHWIRE
Space Electronics LLC SPACE
Space Power Electronics Incorporated SPACE POWER
SpaceBridge Semiconductor Corporation SPACEBRIDGE
Spansion Incorporated SPANSION
Spectrian Corporation SPECTRIAN
Spectrol Electronics Corportation SPECTROL
Spectronics Corporation SPECTRONICS
Spectrum Control Incorporated SPECTRUM
Spectrum Microwave Incorporated SPECTRUM MICRO
Spike Technologies Incorporated SPIKE
Spinner Gmbh SPINNER
Spirent Communications Plc SPIRENT
Sprague Technologies Incorporated SPRAGUE
Sprague-Goodman Electronics Incorporated SPRAGUE-GOODMAN
SRC Devices Incorporated SRC
SRI Connector Gage Company SRI CONNECTOR
Stackpole Electronics Incorporated STACKPOLE
Standard Grigsby Company GRIGSBY
Standard Microsystems Corporation SMSC
Stanford Microdevices Incorporated STANFORD
Stanley Electric Company Limited STANLEY ELECT
State Of The Art Incorporated SOTA
Statek Corporation STATEK
Stmicroelectronics N.V ST MICRO
Stock Drive Products / Sterling Instrument SDP/SI
Stratos International Incorporated STRATOS
Stream Machine Company
Suhtech Electronics Company Limited SUHTECH
Sumida REMtech Corporation REMTECH
Sumitomo Metal Industries Limited SUMITOMO
Summa Four Incorporated SUMMA
Summit Microelectronics Incorporated SUMMIT
Sun Electronics Corporation SUNCON
Sun Microsystems Incorporated SUN MICRO
Sunplus Technology Company Limited SUNPLUS
Supertex Incorporated SUPERTEX
Suttle Apparatus Corporation SUTTLE
Svenska Grindmatriser AB SVENSKA
Swindon Silicon Systems Limited SSSL
Syfer Technology Limited SYFER
Symbol Technologies Incorporated SYMBOL
Symmetricom Incorporated SYMMETRICOM
SyncMOS Technologies International Incorporated SYNCMOS
Synergy Microwave Corporation SYNERGY MICRO
Synergy Semiconductor SYNERGY
Synopsis Incorporated SYNOPSIS
Syntar Industries Incorporated SYNTAR
Syntek Semiconductor Limited SYNTEK
Synton-Tech Corporation SYNTON
Syscon Tek Corporation SYSCON
System General Corporation SYS GENRL
TAD Components Incorporated
Taiko Denki Company Limited TAIKO
Tai-Tech Advanced Electronics Pte Limited TA-I
Taitien Electronics Company Limited TAITIEN
Taitron Components Incorporated TAITRON
Taiwan Memory Technology Incorporated TM TECH
Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited TAIWAN SEMI
Taiyo Yuden Company Limited TAIYO
Takamisawa Electric Company Limited TAKAMISAWA ELECT
Tamarack Microelectronics Incorporated TAMARACK
Tamperproof Screw Company, Incorporated TAMPERPROOF SCREW
Tandy Corporation
TDK Semiconductor Corporation TDK SEMI
Tecate Group TECATE
Teccor Electronics Corporation
Techflex Incorporated TECHFLEX
Techni Edge Manufacturing Corporation TECHNI EDGE
Technitrol Incorporated TECHNITROL
TECO Electric & Machinery Company Limited TECO
TECX Unions Technology Corporation TECX
TED Manufacturing Corporation TED
Teka Interconnection Systems TEKA
Tekelec Incorporated TEKELEC
Tekmos Incorporated TEKMOS
Tekom Optronics Corporation TEKOM
TelCom Semiconductor Incorporated TELCOM
Tele Quarz Gmbh & Company Kg TELEQUARTZ
Teledyne Cougar Incorporated COUGAR
Teledyne Technologies Incorporated
Telefunken Semiconductor TELEFUNKEN
Teletec Corporation TELETEC
Teletronics International Incorporated TELETRONICS
Tellurian Technologies Incorporated TELLURIAN
Teltone Corporation TELTONE
Temex TMX
TEMIC Telefunken Microelectronic GmBh
Tensolite Company TENSOLITE
Tenta Electric Industrial Company Limited TENTA
TeraLogic Incorporated TERALOGIC
Tern Incorporated TERN
Tesla Semiconductor Pvt Limited TESLA
Test Products International Incorporated TPI
Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions Incorporated TAOS
Texas Instruments Incorporated TI
Thaler Corporation THALER
Thales Group THALES
THAT Corporation THAT CORP
The 3DO Company 3DO
The Stanley Works STANLEY TOOLS
Therm O Disc Incorporated THERMODISC
Thin Film Technology Corporation TFT
Thomas & Betts Corporation T&B
Tianma Microelectronics Company Limited TIANMA
Tobias Jensen Production A/S JENSEN
Toby Electronics Limited TOBY
Toko Incorporated TOKO
Topline Dummy Components TOPLINE
Torex Semiconductor Limited TOREX
Toshiba Corporation TOSHIBA
Traco Electronic AG TRACO
Tranex Incorporated TRANEX
Transistor International Corporation TIC
Transmation Incorporated TRANSMATION
Transmeta Corporation TRANSMETA
Triad Magnetics TRIAD
Trident Microsystems Incorporated
Tripath Technology Incorporated TRIPATH
Triquint Semiconductor Incorporated TRIQUINT
Triscend Corporation TRISCEND
Tritheim Technologies Incorporated TRITHEIM
Troika Networks Incorporated TROIKA
Truevision Incorporated TRUEVISION
Tseng Laboratories Incorporated TSENG LABS
TSI Microelectronics Corporation TSI
Tsqware Incorporated TSQWARE
TT Electronics Plc TT
Tundra Semiconductor Corporation TUNDRA
Turbo IC Incorporated TURBO IC
Tvia Incorporated TVIA
Tyco Electronics Corporation TYCO
U S Toyo Fan Corporation USTOYO
U.S. Sensor Corporation U.S. SENSOR
Ubicom Incorporated UBICOM
UDT Sensors Incorporated UDT
UltraSource Incorporated ULTRASOURCE
UMPCO Incorporated UMPCO
Uniden Electronics Products Company Limited UNIDEN
Unigen Corporation UNIGEN CORP
United Chemicon Incorporated UCC
United Microelectronics Corporation UMC
United Monolithic Semiconductors SAS UNITED MONO
United States Crystal Corporation USCC
United Technologies Microelectronics Center Incorporated UTMC
United Thermal Engineering Corporation UTEC
Unitrode Corporation UNITRODE
Unity Opto Technology Company Limited UNITY
Universal Air Filter Company UAF
Universal Microelectronics Company Limited UMEC
UPEK Incorporated UPEK
URS Corporation URS
US Electronics Incorporated US ELECT
US Microtech Incorporated USMICRO
USAR Systems Incorporated USAR
USHIO America Incorporated USHIO
Utron Technology Incorporated UTRON TECHNOLOGY
UTStarcom Incorporated UTSTARCOM
V3 Semiconductor Incorporated V3 SEMI
Vacuumschmelze Gmbh & Company Kg VAC
Vadem Limited VADEM
Valdor Fiber Optics Incorporated VFOI
Valpey Fisher Corporation VF
Vanguard International Semiconductor Corporation VANGUARD SEMICONDUCTOR
Vantis Corporation VANTIS
Vector Electronics & Technology Incorporated VECTOR
Vectron International Company Limited VECTRON
VegaStream Group Limited VEGASTREAM
Velio Communications Incorporated VELIO
Velogix Incorporated VELOGIX
Venkel Limited VENKEL
Verisilicon Incorporated VERISIL
Veritech Microwave Incorporated VERITECH
Vertical Communications Incorporated VERTICAL
VIA Technologies Incorporated
Viking Interworks Incorporated VIKING INTERWORKS
Vimex International Corporation VIMEX
Virata Corporation VIRATA
Vishay Intertechnology Incorporated VISHAY
Vista Point Technologies Incorporated VISTA POINT
Vite Technology Express VITE TECHNOLOGY
Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation VITESSE
VLSI Technology Incorporated
VLSI Vision Limited VLSI VIS
Vogt Electronic Components GmbH VOGT
VoicePump Incorporated VOICEPUMP
Volterra Semiconductor Corporation VOLTERRA
Voltronics Corporation VOLTRON
VTC Incorporated VTC
VTI Technologies Oy VTI TECH
Vulcan Electric Company VULCAN
WABCO Fahrzeugsysteme GmbH WABCO
Wacom Company Limited WACOM
Waferscale Integration Incorporated WSI
Wakefield Thermal Solutions Incorporated WAKEFIELD
Walsin Technology Corporation WALSIN
Ward Leonard Electric Company Incorporated WARD LEONARD
Watkins Johnson Company WATKINS JOHNSON
Wearnes Cambion Limited CAMBION
Weidmüller Interface Gmbh & Company Kg WEIDMÜLLER
Weiler Corporation WEILER
Weitek Corporation WEITEK
Welch Allyn Incorporated WELCH ALLYN
Weltrend Semiconductor Incorporated WELTREND
Welwyn Components Limited WELWYN
Wenzel Associates Incorporated WENZEL
Wesco Electrical Company WESCO
Western Digital Corporation
Westinghouse Electric Company LLC WESTINGHOUSE
White Electronic Designs Corporation WHITE EDC
White Oak Semiconductor WHITE OAK
Wieland Electric Incorporated WIELAND
Wilbrecht Electronics Incorporated WILBRECHT
Wilbrecht LEDCO Incorporated LEDCO
Winbond Electronics Corporation
Winchester Electronics Corporation WINEL
Winedge & Wireless Pte Limited WINEDGE
Winslow Automation Incorporated WINSLOW
Wintegra Incorporated WINTEGRA
Wintek Corporation WINTEK
Wiremold/Legrand WIREMOLD
Wiznet Company Incorporated WIZNET
WJ Communications Incorporated WJ COMM
Wolfson Microelectronics PLC WOLFSON
World Access Incorporated WORLD ACC
World Products Incorporated WPI
Wyle Electronics WYLE
XaQti Corporation XAQTI
Xemics Sa XEMICS
X-FAB Silicon Foundries AG X-FAB
Xicor Incorporated
Xilinx Incorporated XILINX
XP Power Incorporated XP
Yageo Corporation YAGEO
Yamaha Corporation
Yazaki North America Incorporated YAZAKI
Y-E Data Incorporated Y-E DATA
Yeng Tat Electronics Company Limited YENG TAT
Young Electronics Group YEG
YoungTek Electronics Corporation YTEC
Youth Electronics Company Limited YOUTH
Zarlink Semiconductor Incorporated ZARLINK
Z-Communications Incorporated Z-COMM
Zeevo Incorporated ZEEVO
Zehntel Incorporated ZEHNTEL
Zenith Electronics Corporation ZEC
Zentrum Mikroelektronik Dresden AG ZMD
Zetec Incorporated ZETEC
Zetex Semiconductors Plc ZETEX
Zettler Components Incorporated
ZF Micro Solutions Incorporated ZF MICRO
Zilker Labs Incorporated ZILKER
Zilog Incorporated
Zoran Corporation ZORAN
Zucotto Wireless Incorporated ZUCOTTO
Zyray Wireless Incorporated ZYRAY

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